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Character: Kyoya

Anime: Ouran Highschool Host Club

Request: TheFeelsKilledMe

Yoynowed so much, and had been stupid enough to try and do something illegal, you had stolen from the Otori group, you held your breath as someone walked in holding a clip board. He pushed his glasses higher on his head and smirked a bit. You scowled, who did he think he was? He was mocking you. But nonetheless, you he!d your head up high, keeping up your illusion of control. I reality the only thing still keeping you going was the adrenaline and your own selfish pride.

" I understand you tries to steal from us, is that correct? " You spat on the floor and started coughing, so much for trying to play it cool. You thought to yourself when you had finished, you looked up again only to be met with the glare of his glasses. He tapped the pen lightly on the clipboard and began clicking it to the point it had become unbearably annoying. Youmlockes eyes once more and the two of you had a silent debate, you lost .

"Yes, now stop acting all high and mighty. Asshole."

"No need for such foul language, my name is Kyoya Otori, of the Otori group. What is for name? " You muttered an insult that seemed to amuse him and he leaned back in the chair.

"F/n L/n I'm someone who will kill you if you don't stop jerking me around. " you learned at him and he smirked even larger than he had before, you hadn't even thought a humans face could!d do that. Apparently though, it could. Quiet easily in fact. He tapped his pen once again causing your eye to twitch slightly in the process. You apart at him again causing another violent fit of coughing. He seemed odly amused with the way things were going and even let out a small chuckle as he saw you trying to slip out of your restraints.

" What do you want. " You asked finally, it was hard to sit like this for asking as you had, you though you ere going to get who and it would be over with, or get thrown into the police office, if you knew this was going to happen you would had grabbed a chair or a small box to sit down on better than what you had now, that's for sure. He smiled sweetly with a hint of evilness and walked over to you, the keys on his waist jingled with every step. Soon he had stopped in front of you and unchained you.

"That wasn't wise, " you growled. He simply smiled and held out a paper with quiet a few signatures. Your family had sold you to get rid of their debts, and handed the down to you.

" you will be working for me, now. You owe me quiet a but of money..."

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