Information is deadly

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Character: Izaya
Anime: Durarara.
Request: stewiefangirl

" IZAYA! "

You ducked quickly as your boyfriend got hit with a very heavy mailbox. He stumbled to get up as his regular smirk was right there on his face. Shizuo however look like his usual self.

" Why hello there Shizu-chan. till behaving like a child I see? "

You wanted to punch Izaya. The two of you were supposed to be on a date but Shuzuo just had to butt in and now Izaya was just making you wait longer.

" Izaya stop it we need to go. "

You said slightly annoyed as Shizuo grabbed a nearby truck and heaved it over his shoulders. You in turn, grabbed Izaya by the hood and ran off dragging a protesting and now VERY grumpy informant.

" I could have beat him! "

" He had a bloody truck, this is not up for debate! "

" But Y/n! "

" No buts! "

You bandaged him up in silence with the occasional grin from the red eyed mess. Once you were done you put away the supplies and got up. However he seemed to have another agenda as he snuck his hands around your waist pulling you down onto the couch with him. You felt your face burning up as you could practically feel his smirk against your neck.

" Izaya let me go - "

" How's my favourite human doing? "

" Izaya stop- "

" I asked a question Y/n. "

" I- I'm doing pretty good... "

He let you go getting up to go to his desk as he turned on his computer. You looked at his eyes to find that he was deadly calm for someone like himself.

" Y/n. "

You hadn't realized you zoned out until he called your name. He looked board as he clicked through websites and messages, you almost felt as though he was back to normal. That was until he brought what you thought you hid pretty well, up.

" So Dota-chan says that he saw you talking to Celty and Shizuo. "


"Y/n, is this true?"

" No of course not- "

Rule number one, never lie.

" Are you sure? "

You gripped your bag as you jumped up and ran for the door.

Rule number two, never under any circumstances run.

Izaya threw a knife, it pierced your ankle as you let out a blood curdling scream.

Rule number three,

" Never forget who you belong to. "

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