Attack on Titan / Interactive Story by IIAutophobia
Attack on Titan / Interactive Story by IIAutophobia Fanfiction
You are the main character in this interactive novel, allowing you to make your own choices and mold the story into something personal to you. ~ After the fall of the t...
The Alphas baby ♡ by okaysiigh
The Alphas baby ♡ by okaysiigh Werewolf
A story about a young werewolf girl waiting for her mate, to find him on her and her twin sisters 18th birthday party. And who is he...? He happens to be the future alph...
Swapping houses - A Dramionie fan fiction. by SavageTheMaria
Swapping houses - A Dramionie fan... by MSavage Fanfiction
In Hermonie Grangers 6th year at Hogwarts School For Witchcraft And Wizardry, houses are changed and new relationships form.
1000 years to long(the orignals fan fiction) by Aaliyah_mikaelson21
1000 years to long(the orignals fa... by Aaliyah_mikaelson Fanfiction
Darlene de bargay was auroras "soul sister",Tristan's fiancé,and luciens life long childhood best friend.Well,until the mikaelsons came along and ruined everyt...
Dark Secrets by PaintJoy
Dark Secrets by PaintJoy Vampire
Amanda was an ordinary girl, well as ordinary as you can be with a family curse above your head. When she becomes a beast, a hybrid of vampire and wereanimal, she forget...
She's With Me/Stay With Me Fanfiction by BellaCullenTheShield
She's With Me/Stay With Me Fanfict... by BellaCullenTheShield Fanfiction
Disclaimer: All familiar character and/or plot belong to the lovely @AvaViolet! No disrespect or infringement of copyright intended. All new characters and plot belong t...
Renée Boucher: A life to behold by ultimateslytherin
Renée Boucher: A life to behold by Alex Manning Historical Fiction
At the age of 17, Renée and her 19-year-old sister Marie travel across the ocean to land in Nouvelle France as Filles du Roi. From a poor family with 14 mouths to feed a...
The Gang Leaders by 91201lynn
The Gang Leaders by Princesss k Short Story
Short story Read at your on risk. This is my first time writing a story. All I can say is that I tried. Have you ever been forced to hate someone you don't know only be...
Vocaloid Memes  by x_blueberry_xx
Vocaloid Memes by Blue Random
Okay, so I just found random pictures online, so I decided, "Why not make memes about it?" So, behold! Highest Ranking : ❦ #188 in Random ❦ (7-14-17) (Work...
The Fruit of the Forlorn by Joocund
The Fruit of the Forlorn by Abigail Johnson Poetry
The written journey of an assertive woman through her trials and succession of heartbreak and oblivion.
Jeremiah's by ifangelscouldfly
Jeremiah's by Mandy Romance
In high school - in college, even- romance has always been the main gossip. She's collected this gossip, created her own life lesson out of it. So when she wants someone...
MAIN RP by Kiyo_Mixuki
MAIN RP by みずき きよ (ㅇㅅㅇ❀) Teen Fiction
All the drama that comes with teenage life magnified x10. Welcome to hell. [[A/N: This is all from a roleplay with my friend Emma (@thenagelyoufear, insta). I have taken...
Free Thoughts (Thoughts Book V) by hope_forever_18
Free Thoughts (Thoughts Book V) by Hope "Moose" Williams Random
I suppose having five of these books really shows someone just what a weirdo I am. Never fear, I plan to make many more of these books, and who knows? Maybe this book wi...
The Wolf And The cat (Kyo X Reader by salamander138
The Wolf And The cat (Kyo X Reader by Salamander is Cool Fanfiction
I don't want to spoil anything in the description but here it goes SPOILER ALERT You were cursed as well and you were the odd the odd one out because you were barley ev...
Eyes of Hope  (NaNoWriMo2017)  by BlackHeart54
Eyes of Hope (NaNoWriMo2017) by Name Teen Fiction
War had broken out years before Amber was born, and she was almost certain that it would be still be destroying families when she died. But there was something, starin...
Pokémon Sun and Moon: Champion of the Stars- Volume 2 -ULTRA BEAST MISSIONS- by Miso29
Pokémon Sun and Moon: Champion of... by Miso29 Fanfiction
This is Volume 2 to the fanfic, Pokémon Sun and Moon: Champion of the Stars. To those who have not read Volume 1 of this fanfic, I highly suggest reading it to get caug...
Innocence - Hiatus by ArtemisJHonda
Innocence - Hiatus by Artemis J Honda Paranormal
**Going through a major overhaul. Check out "Ashes, Ashes..." in the meantime!**
Dangerous // Logan Paul  by Abigail_Herron
Dangerous // Logan Paul by WES10 IS QUAKING Fanfiction
________________________________ "You're not a criminal, your just..." "Say it." "Your dangerous." |Dangerous| In which Logan finds himself...
Secrets Untold : Book One by BiancaAlvarez312
Secrets Untold : Book One by Bianca Alvarez Romance
a girl named nique goes through a dark and suspicious time when she falls in love with a fallen angel named the journey of love goes on she soon faces love for e...
Tyler Scheid x reader by spicy_lettuce
Tyler Scheid x reader by 👌👌👌 Random
I couldn't really find many Tyler x reader stories on wattpad so I decided to make one myself 😂