Red Temptations by OmegaTheta
Red Temptations by ♚ ThetaAether ♚
A bunny A devil One an omega, the other an alpha. Two worlds separate but one thing they have in common: They both love each other, though kept secret, it lies and waits...
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Married to Mark tuan by DripyAsia
Married to Mark tuan by WriterAsia
I walk in to see Mark and Sana kissing. When they see me come in I hear Mark yell, "GET THE HELL UPSTAIRS DONT YOU SEE WERE DOING SOMETHING NERD!" All I co...
  • cheater
  • got7
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Attack on Titan / Interactive Story by IIAutophobia
Attack on Titan / Interactive Story by IIAutophobia
You are the main character in this interactive novel, allowing you to make your own choices and mold the story into something personal to you. ~ After the fall of the t...
  • imagines
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How i made it out the hood by zyroyalty9262
How i made it out the hood by zyroyalty9262
Asia ; a young black woman, describes her pain going through life after losing her mother. Her life goes down hill after that. The hood is where people says she belongs...
  • struggle
  • success
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Vocaloid Memes  by x_blueberry_xx
Vocaloid Memes by Blue
Okay, so I just found random pictures online and decided, "Why not make memes about it?" So, behold! Highest Ranking : ❦ #188 in Random ❦ (7-14-17) (Work in...
  • miku
  • art
  • kaito
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mine ◇ yoonmin by jimoanxx
mine ◇ yoonmin by ᴍᴏʀɪɢᴀɴ
in which min yoongi finds park jimin's instagram and feelings begin to rise. m i n e MORIGAN N. BEGAN: JAN. 1ST, 2018 ENDED:
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🌼 :Art Book 4: 🌼 by EmoImpulses
🌼 :Art Book 4: 🌼 by |Jules|McCree|
I do stuff...Requests,Wips, and drawings of course ⭐
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The In Between by stopit131
The In Between by stopit131
You probably thought that this was some si-fi story well sorry to disappoint but while you are here just read it and be the judge of wether it is worth your time or if i...
  • work-in-progress
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Flower Crowns for the Emperor by Toazzabelle
Flower Crowns for the Emperor by Toazza
When slave Azaeyla is bought by a doctor as an assistant in the capital city of Balatain, she starts to sneak out at night to sell flower crowns to any that might be wa...
  • wip
  • ancientromebased
  • romance
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Carnage by Athena_Akraia
Carnage by Athena
The story of a unique woman, bent on improving herself yet struggling to find something she most desires: something genuine. Updates every week on Monday. Subject to cri...
  • genuine
  • sliceoflife
  • mansion
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Fashion Wars by HotCocaQueen3205
Fashion Wars by HotCocoaQueen3205
Niko was a Middle class striving for the top. She knew she had get through a certain blue haired nincompoop to achieve that. ------------ Hey guys there are character lo...
  • selfmade
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  • hottiewithabody
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The High School Years by SparkingDreams
The High School Years by SparkingDreams
It's your high school years! The best (or worst...) four years of definite school life! Here's to a new school, and all the new opportunities that await. If things work...
  • teenromance
  • romance
  • highschool
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stop motion//finn wolfhard by Finnwardw0lfpants
stop motion//finn wolfhard by hiyahuya
"I only saw the world in stop motion..." Her life is moving way too fast. He's finding his meaning in the world. They both act on Stranger Things. rumors of a...
  • twwillbeposted
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Why Him?(Complete and editing ✔️) by Reagygirl02
Why Him?(Complete and editing ✔️) by Reagan
#68 in werewolf!! 😱😱 (on 7/22/17) -- "What the hell do you think you're doing?" I questioned trying to get out of Tommy's grip as he pulled me down the stair...
  • firststory
  • werewolf
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The Fox's Mark by ContemporaryLover
The Fox's Mark by ✨Bored•Queen✨
For eighteen years, three months, and nine days, my life was completely normal. I grew up in a relatively small town with a close knit community. Life was easy and pleas...
  • mate
  • ongoing
  • transformation
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His Heart is my Home by CammyLoveee
His Heart is my Home by Cam
"Alpha, I am so sorry. I-" Alexander cut me off with a gentle laugh, holding his hand up. "Do not apologize. I could have moved, yet my cellphone had my a...
  • adultsituations
  • fiction
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The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Secrecy by echosound
The Legend of Zelda: Goddess of Se... by Amelia C. M.
Hyrule has only ever dreamt of an end to the resurrection of Demise. With the returning of an ancient power, that dream could finally be fulfilled. Can the Hero of the F...
  • ganondorf
  • triforce
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Playlist by savannadm
Playlist by savannadm
"Have you ever wanted to just... disappear?" Dakota Penning, a recent college graduate, is just trying to get by - just like everyone else. But when her boyfri...
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