My Mate's Babies. by WildChilddd
My Mate's Babies. by WildChilddd Werewolf
Sophia hasn't had the best life so far. In fact, that would be an understatement. However, it seems like rainbows and bunnies compared to what her alpha mate, Chase, doe...
Double the Trouble, and Maybe the Fun by drunkteddybear
Double the Trouble, and Maybe the... by drunkteddybear Werewolf
Haven was an alphas daughter. Although she thought she was just an ordinary girl, her father always told her she was destined for greatness. When news of a great pack i...
The Billionaires Babies by LMoonx
The Billionaires Babies by 🌙✨ Romance
Sienna was an average twenty four year old girl with an average life. Until she meets a mysterious man at a hotel opening and has a one night stand. Her life flashed fr...
My Twin Mates and I by alyxxstar
My Twin Mates and I by alyxxstar Werewolf
"You're ours, forever, until the day we leave this earth." ****** Started on 7/25/2016 Highest Rank- #15 on 8/15/2017
Hello My Fake Fiancé (Book 1 Hello Series) by redladiebug
Hello My Fake Fiancé (Book 1 Hello... by Emily ChickLit
Dr. Dawson Conn is your average Man's Man. You know the type, single and always ready to mingle. The thought of settling down never crosses his mind. His mother on th...
Love the little one (Wattys 2017) by joanneblackheart
Love the little one (Wattys 2017) by Joanne Blackheart Werewolf
We had been searching for our mate for over two years now. But we weren't going to lose hope. Me and my brother both knew that she was somewhere out there, we just had t...
Smut/Grayson•Dolan by cloiee21
Smut/Grayson•Dolan by Cloie Espinosa Fanfiction
"Because you're my babe" THIS STORY IS VERY SEXUAL WARNING
the teacher // g.b.d by troubledolans
the teacher // g.b.d by troubledolans Fanfiction
"Please, Grayson... We can't," I mutter, pulling myself out of his arms. "You know how much I want you," he whispers, trying to bring me back by my w...
Just Friends ➵ e.d & g.d by katiemdolan
Just Friends ➵ e.d & g.d by katie Fanfiction
"but we're just friends" "are you sure about that princess?" ---- © katiemdolan #436 in fanfiction
Secret Society by ogmtnmama
Secret Society by OriginialMtnMama Teen Fiction
How did she get herself into this? It all started with an envelope, an adrenaline rush, and some candles. The kn1ghts weren't at all like she expecting. What were the st...
drunk texting ➳ g. dolan by dolanstown
drunk texting ➳ g. dolan by ✰ Fanfiction
In which a drunk girl decides to texts her ex, whom she hasn't spoken to in 2 years. - [ grayson dolan x oc ] [ social media ] [rm: drunk texting by jasmine | writte...
Love For The Bad Boy ✔  by afrane_est
Love For The Bad Boy ✔ by afrane_est Romance
Who did this to my bike?" She cried, pointing to the bike which was pressed up to the wall by my Chrysler. "So the bike with no brand name is yours?" I a...
Undeniable Chemistry by Purple_Flowers24
Undeniable Chemistry by Hades Romance
This is book one in the Undeniable Trilogy. Lorenzo Moretti. The man she can't forget. The man that gave her everything and then ripped it all to shreds. But he did give...
Rejected by FrenchPen
Rejected by French Pen Werewolf
//#2 in Werewolf// Nov. 8, 2017 !!! ✨ "I, Alexander Black, reject you, Elliot Reynolds, as my mate and Luna." He said sternly. I never thought I wo...
Worth It by booksiebooksie
Worth It by Nepsa Teen Fiction
Ryder and Ryland Anthony have had to live without each other for years, ever since their parents divorced when they were young. The last summer before college, the boys...
My Twin Mates by marissahernan21
My Twin Mates by Marissa Hernandez Werewolf
Skyler is a sassy and spontaneous girl who now has to deal with her two possessive twin mates and some people who want to have her for themselves. (Sorry for any spell...
Me and my 12 brothers. YES....12 brothers! by wontletyougo_906
Me and my 12 brothers. YES....12 b... by wontletyougo_906 Teen Fiction
~STORY COMPLETED! just in process of editing~ Lexi Walker has 12 brothers. Twelve irritating, annoying, bossy and protective brothers. The only female contact she has i...
Cherish || grayson dolan by dolanstish
Cherish || grayson dolan by baby t Fanfiction
"I will cherish these moments, for as long as I live." "As will I." He smiles, kissing my forehead. ~ Hayden Forest stay's with her Aunt for t...
To Be Loved // h.s by One_Direction_x
To Be Loved // h.s by ESMÈE Fanfiction
Ruby Tanner doesn't know her worth. She doesn't know how special she is, and has never been told - until she met Harry. Harry was trying to keep a normal life, with his...
Alpha's Babies by NorthenLights
Alpha's Babies by NorthenLights Werewolf
When you wake up on your 18th birthday, your last thought is usually 'oh, maybe my best friend and boyfriend of three years are gonna get caught together by me' or it ma...