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The Mafia and his Nerd by AisheeSaha
The Mafia and his Nerdby Aishee Saha
RANKING #1 11/05/2018(in #fallinginlove) RANKING #2 11/05/2018(in italianmafia) RANKING #7 11/05/2018(in singlemother) RANKED #36 02/05/2018( in General Fiction) "W...
La Diavolo's Regina by ArielNONMERMAID92
La Diavolo's Reginaby Ariel
"The Devil is scary, but so is his queen." ~Diandra Sicario Diandra has the innocent look of an angel. Her pure facial features made her seem so naive. But she...
Imperium by ZaniaLeerose
Imperiumby Zania Leerose
"Didn't you say that you were utterly disgusted by Gangsters? ", Katherine asked. "It's hard to resist a gangster who is a good man", I replied with...
Mafia King by joesakura
Mafia Kingby JOE SAKURA
Hailynn Fleury is a talented painter. Growing up as an orphan, she and her best friend Ethan, always wanted to get back to the people that helped and cared for them. Whe...
BACK TO YOU  by youngandbeautiful65
BACK TO YOU by youngandbeautiful65
It was nearly three in the morning when the constant buzzing of the phone woke Vivienne up. She got up with a thud and reached for her phone on the side table of her bed...
chaotic [discontinued] by -eclipseiss
chaotic [discontinued]by mar —
she needs someone who sees the fire in her eyes and wants to play with it
Chasing Pavements  by honeyslt
Chasing Pavements by 𝖕𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖊𝖕𝖍𝖔𝖓𝖊
"Aren't you scared?" "Scared of what?" he adjusts his figure to fit on top of mine. Catching my hand, he tweads our fingers together; kissing the to...
Piecing The Puzzle Back (Edited Version) by xzmandyzx
Piecing The Puzzle Back (Edited xx.Mandy.xx
*This is the edited version* For eight years Lux Wesley has lived in the fear of "what-ifs". What if her mom and dad were still head over heels for each other...
Her savior by tmyastories
Her saviorby tmyastories
She is tired of waking up, eating, breathing, of everything,. She doesnt want to be alive, she is looking for a reson to end it all. Everyday she works her ass off, just...
Giovanni's Queen by friesandcries
Giovanni's Queenby — 𝐂𝐉.
❝a king is nothing without his queen❞ ➺ extended synopsis inside ➺ all rights reserved disc...
My Mission  by IAmUnknownIdentity
My Mission by Unknown
Alexandra Ortega is the daughter of the Mexican Mafia. She is currently the right hand woman but becomes the jefa (boss) of it after her mother leaves to America for a y...
Daddy's Lullaby  by bubbles00004
Daddy's Lullaby by h.d.c.04
Elena bounces form home to home all her life, Her father was sick. She was damaged. Nobody wanted her. Except Luca De Marco
Xavier, the bad boy by mynameishihihihi
Xavier, the bad boyby Foodreader
"So Hayley,who do you work for?" "I..I'm not ..Hayley ... I'm Hemily"I lied "Hayley I'm not dumb, I knew you were Hayley from the beginning&quo...
The Blackrose  by AnitBlackRose
The Blackrose by Blackwhite
PG18 How pitiful . When you on your bad time , your love one and friends leave your side because they care about they own safety . Well , since i live well and coming...
Bonded by amiwoo
Bondedby mina
Mina's parents have worked hard to hide their dark past from their daughter. But, what happens when Mina collides with Enrico: the ruthless heir to the most powerful Ita...
Maffia boss - Mattia Polibio  by WassUpGurl1900
Maffia boss - Mattia Polibio by DracoMalfoy’sGirl
You're Y/n Chanel, you're dad is the leader of the Wolf maffia gang, and you just moved to New Jersey, so yea! Stay tuned for the rest guys!❤️
Blood Is Always Thicker  by TwinkerBabows
Blood Is Always Thicker by Abbie Pinx
Zeta meaning 'Born Last' was the light in their darkness. The scary Italian Mafia loved her so much. They couldn't be happier, until the Mother took her away at the age...
Da Capo 3 x Kamen Rider Wizard [Sara x OC] [Powerful OC] by TrueRisingFTW
Da Capo 3 x Kamen Rider Wizard [ TrueRising
In a world where many mages exist, there are those in the background who utilise magic to a degree far beyond. How will the life of a young man be affected when going to...