Dragon Heritage by Dragongirl216
Dragon Heritage by Arya R.G Fantasy
Kiara Moonlight. A special name for a special girl. Kiara is just like any other girl or is she? Kiara was found on the doorstep of Kevin Williams one night. The moonlig...
Percy Jackson, The Trapped Souls by chococookie1607
Percy Jackson, The Trapped Souls by Charlie Fanfiction
This is the sequel to 'Percy Jackson, the Missing Hero' Things are never easy for demigods are they? With Percy, Nico, Orion, and Aether trapped in Percy's body what wil...
BLIND DEVOTION : The Misconceptions of Me | B o o k 1 by MaloryBelle
BLIND DEVOTION : The Misconception... by м a l o r y в e l l e Fanfiction
Status: Complete ✔ | Editing process ▶ Tell me what's the perfect picture of young adults life nowadays. Would you say a countless number of friends? Going to a pa...
Angel's Vengeance- Book One: Pirates and Souls [completed] by _palenomian
Angel's Vengeance- Book One: Pirat... by Sorah Adventure
Anne had one choice, and her charade began to unfold. Living as a boy on the streets of Welkly, her opportunity to escape came with the Angel's Avenge. Captained by Ja...
Soul Keepers by HahuYeah
Soul Keepers by turquoise blue Fanfiction
Some second chances are worth coming back for. Text copyright © 2017 by HahuYeah [Language: ENGLISH]
Unexpected Love | Sans x Reader by dacatnextdoor14
Unexpected Love | Sans x Reader by TeenageTexasExorcist Fanfiction
You climbed the famous Mt. Ebott to prove to a group of your friends that humans don't disappear when they go up the mountain. While walking around the peak, you trip ov...
Mismatched Souls by captainthorne
Mismatched Souls by Queen Bumblebee Romance
© Mia TM | 2016 A hurricane with a gentle touch and the flower he wished to protect. Love begins when it ends. [Synopsis Inside]
The Phoenix (Dark Souls Reader - RWBY Crossover) by NiceGameEh
The Phoenix (Dark Souls Reader - R... by Shadow Spider 1102 Fanfiction
What happens when the chosen undead, the one meant to reignite the First Flame, is transported to another realm after lighting the flame? How will the members of Team RW...
flawed souls by foreversmilin
flawed souls by yas Poetry
story #1 out of the flowery compass series. -  he liked to point out her flaws, she hated how he thought he was flawless. -  cover made by @crookednights
The Forest Guardian by siggeisthedog
The Forest Guardian by siggewasthedog Werewolf
"You know, when they created the Guardians, Mecey and Arí? The fight and all that? Let's just say that they screwed up." –––––––––––––––– Samantha Garth is the...
Obsidian's Reign by mikozaki
Obsidian's Reign by 「 s. 」 Paranormal
Obsidian - a colour as dark as the never-ending abyss in the shadowy realms of the Underworld, the colour of Clara Avery's tresses, and the inevitable shade of the futur...
Dean's Daughter (Supernatural) // Completed by AlexandraOHara
Dean's Daughter (Supernatural)... by That'sALongAssRide Fanfiction
Typical Dean Winchester: Beer, pie and one night stands. Little does he know that sixteen years ago he left one of his one night stands pregnant, with his daughter, Ali...
Friend Of The Dead by shawin02
Friend Of The Dead by shawin02 Fanfiction
"They witnessed her destruction, They were left to wonder why, She saw nothing but darkness, Though the stars shone in her eyes, But maybe they'd forgotte...
The Host ¤ The Next Chapter by Lucykins26
The Host ¤ The Next Chapter by Emily Fanfiction
(Healer) May is a newly born soul. Earth is her first planet. She's assigned as a healer due to her kind manner. When she's assigned to a clinic in California, she's put...
short horror stories by -burningdesire
short horror stories by ivy Paranormal
title is self explanatory, highest ranking: #376 in paranormal
My Incubus by dr-eamer-
My Incubus by Shelley Fantasy
Lucas is one of the strongest incubus in the underworld, feeding and having intercourses with sleeping woman is his main job. That's until he finds his new victim Adele...
Hell's Daughter: Luna Morningstar by MollieLE
Hell's Daughter: Luna Morningstar by MollieLE Fantasy
In the cold, icy depths of Hell, Luna Morningstar is tired of the constant routine it brings- damning souls to their eternal punishment, chasing off goblins, or doing he...
The Inn 🛣 by benaddict31
The Inn 🛣 by Skye Horror
√ Featured in Wattpad Fright 'Chills and Thrills' reading list. ☠👻☠ √ Featured in @IncarnateMovie 'Best of horror' reading list.💀💀 √Featured in @UnforgettableMovie 'H...
The Wind Speaks To Him [H2OVanoss] by Chromatic_Flare
The Wind Speaks To Him [H2OVanoss] by ChromaticFlare Fanfiction
[H2OVanoss] Jonathan died, and he expected this, but what he didn't expect was the ability to live again. He took the opportunity without question or complaint, happy to...
The Soul Within Us (Sans X Reader) by Mugelbbub28
The Soul Within Us (Sans X Reader) by "Sometimes kindness is enough... Fanfiction
(Sans x Reader Slow burn. Cover drawn by me :D) They made it to the surface. Again. But how long will it last? Frisk made a promise.... But how long will they keep it...