Skysnatched 🕊 by EinatSegal
Skysnatched 🕊 by Einaty
The chiefly-female gnome colony is hidden away deep below the surface of the earth. Yet fearless, competent Commander Nyllas loves the sky more than any gnome should. Ev...
  • fantasy
  • adventure
  • gnome
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My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
I woke up in Vegas with amnesia. I had absolutely no idea what I had done last night but I was pretty sure I had had a blast with my five hot new friends! I'm also pret...
  • multiple
  • two
  • marry
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Wait... I have five mates? by mollybutt
Wait... I have five mates? by Emily
Kris has always known she was a werewolf, and was just looking for her mate. But what happens when she finds out she is also part vampire, demon, witch and siren, and th...
  • possessive
  • school
  • grr
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Constellations - (Chanbaek/Baekyeol)  by Louw-Jones
Constellations - (Chanbaek/Baekyeo... by Sadie Louw-Jones
In a world where humans and supernatural creatures live together, Baekhyun is the prince of vampires and leader of many. He has a lot of enemies who want to take his inf...
  • kpop
  • chanyeol
  • unicorn
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The Breeders by Porcelain89
The Breeders by Nittah Porcelain Haniah
We are all werewolves under the control of humans. Our kind has been outed by other species allowing our kind to lose power over the humans. The tower sends of waves th...
  • wolfs
  • werewolf
  • romance
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I am your Alpha by ImpossiblyImperfect
I am your Alpha by Hannah
Hannah isn't completly normal, she's a werewolf. The betas daughter, the good natured, fun girl that everyone loves. She has been raised by everyone in the pack since he...
  • powers
  • romantic
  • supernatural
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He's My Monster by IcyyQueen
He's My Monster by ❄IcyyQueen❄
[ONGOING] "From the first time I laid my eyes on you, I know that you're the man I want to spend my life with." -pixie 💋 The monster stole my heart. 💕 All R...
  • endlesslove
  • bloody
  • arranged
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Pixie Dust & Wolfsbane (LITWD Part 2) by ElleSmurfitt
Pixie Dust & Wolfsbane (LITWD Part... by Isabel
Second Installment and Spin-off of Lion In The Wolf Den:) I tried, okay? Not as silly... okay, maybe a little... like the title. Tasks Forces follow strict guidelines...
  • wolf
  • pixie
  • septimus
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Hunted (The Enforcers Saga, #1) by TeaNHeartache
Hunted (The Enforcers Saga, #1) by StrangerGranger
"I want justice but I'll take revenge." ~~~ As a young girl, Elaine Roth watched as her family was slaughtered without remorse. The Alpha's that should hav...
  • witch
  • featured
  • hate
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Behind  Blue Eyes (Charles Xavier x Reader) by HollieXavierSykesWay
Behind Blue Eyes (Charles Xavier... by Hollie Griffiths
Charles Xavier and his new friend Erik Lehnsherr were looking for special people, with gifts much like them. Mutants. Charles had located one mutant in Germany called (Y...
  • romance
  • magneto
  • havoc
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The Alpha's Abused Mate {ON HOLD} by kpxoxo
The Alpha's Abused Mate {ON HOLD} by Kate
Scarred, abused and starved are the three words that describe Valarie Jenson. Her father has abused her for 9 years and didn't plan to stop. That was until she ran into...
  • abuse
  • fight
  • pack
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The Cyborgs by Lily_Firebird
The Cyborgs by Heaven Leigh
After her parents were killed by cyborgs, Faith Rose has devoted her life to tracking down the cyborgs that killed her parents. Now, she's in the best fighting school in...
  • girl-power
  • romance
  • deception
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Revolution | Ongoing by bibliophilic-
Revolution | Ongoing by ˗ˏˋfaeˊˎ˗
For thousands of years, humans have lived on the same planet as mythical creatures and beings that they deemed to be only imaginary. Just under a stone archway was the...
  • goblin
  • elf
  • paranormal
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White Roses by WriterActress
White Roses by Eliza D.
Matty has seen faeries since she was eight because of scars on the right side of her face that disfigure her. She's learn to deal with giants walking in the forests behi...
  • fantasy
  • unicorns
  • theatre
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Starlight sportacus lazy town love story  by ilovekissrockandroll
Starlight sportacus lazy town love... by Iloveericcarr
She met him when she was a little girl she had came form her mothers to live with her uncle and sister she was just five years old when she met him he was her best frien...
  • sportacus
  • romance
  • stingy
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Hide And Go Seek by QueenOfTheFlame
Hide And Go Seek by LaurenJade
Pandora is a Seeker. Those bumps in the night you hear? – She sorts them. Monsters under the bed? – No problem. Pandora belongs in a world other than our own, and after...
  • romance
  • fight
  • pixie
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Delphine~ Claiming The Lost Kingdom by JabberlocksBox
Delphine~ Claiming The Lost Kingdom by Victoria Fae
It was told in the days of Larkova before the war of kingdom's, a queen would rise up and rule the living. A beast of desolation consumed by darkness, a witch with all t...
  • witchesandwizards
  • bloodthirsty
  • lust
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Finding the Rift (The Traveling Rifts Trilogy: Book One) by RobynAster
Finding the Rift (The Traveling Ri... by RobynAster
"If you were looking for... answers to something, and this random stranger approached you, saying he knew where to find them... would you follow him?" ~~ Aris...
  • dragon
  • archer
  • woodland
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I Love You, Jacob by CapriceMone
I Love You, Jacob by CapriceMone
What if Edward came back and Bella was already in love with Jacob? Love,lust,drama,vampires,werewolves. It's all here, a spin off of Twilight.
  • love
  • twilight
  • drama
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Take Me To Neverland [ON HOLD] by musicality_17
Take Me To Neverland [ON HOLD] by ❅ ཛʆƴ ❅
Wendalyn loves her life in London. She loves her dog, her job, and friends, but she just somehow, can't help but wonder, what it would feel like to be kid again without...
  • neverland
  • descendants
  • fantasy
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