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Babysitting the Player by booksbykel
Babysitting the Playerby Kelly🦋💘
Completed. It's the summer before her senior year of high school and Alex is looking forward to spending the summer with her boyfriend, Johnny. When her new neighbors ar...
cafe mon coco ||  l.norris by sageskiesf1
cafe mon coco || l.norrisby sageskiesf1
in which a introverted cafe owner meets extroverted formula 1 driver
Treat You Better by Rhodes_the_writer
Treat You Betterby Oluwadara Efunbote
Warning: Violence, talk and acts of abuse, bullying, etc. Violet's life is perfect, she has good grades, a happy home, plenty of good friends and the best boyfriend she...
Un-Arranged Love by Shabakhtar
Un-Arranged Loveby Shabakhtar
Alaya Khan, an 18-year-old British Pakistani girl, goes about her daily existence as any other young lady. Alaya has no idea what she's getting herself into when she mee...
A Midsummer Weekend (The Extended Version) by Malikadoc
A Midsummer Weekend (The Malika
"I used to think that I fell in love with you at first sight, but now I think my soul fell in love with yours the moment we were paired in heaven" His fingers...
The Belly of the Beast by hjnelson
The Belly of the Beastby H.J. Nelson
A segregated spaceship is bound for a new world, but to uncover the dark secrets hiding aboard, 16-year-old Z must team up with a handsome stranger and compete in a seri...
The Prom Pact by starlightluvrr
The Prom Pactby love, rosie x
Romeo Darcy; he's handsome, a little awkward and indulges in literature in his spare time. Sabrina Lovie; princess of St Vincent High, art lover and has more friends tha...
Summer of Stars 🌟 [complete - Under Editing] by WhiskeySeattle
Summer of Stars 🌟 [complete - Caerley
What would you do if you were suddenly famous for reasons you couldn't explain? Opening for Ninja Bear, the hottest boy band in the world, should have been a dream come...
𝐅𝐎𝐂𝐔𝐒   by lisajaydie
𝐅𝐎𝐂𝐔𝐒 by 𝙻𝚒𝚕𝚕𝚢 𝙹𝚊𝚢🐳
love /lʌv/ 1. an intense feeling of deep affection.
LOVE AT WAR by TatesIllegalWife
LOVE AT WARby TatesIllegalWife
check end of description if ur looking for a smut warning ------------------------------ BASED OFF OF THE STORIES AND MOVIES " GUERRE DES BOUTONS " AND "...
Life Changes You by frostgirl2
Life Changes Youby frostgirl2
15 year old Dara has been through so much. Her father died when she was 7 her mother remarried when she was 8 and her life since then has been awful while running away f...
She's Not That Big // Calum Hood by meghanhood5sos
She's Not That Big // Calum Hoodby Meghan
If you saw Valerie Henon, you'd know that no one would ever consider her skinny for even a second. She wasn't popular either, but she was okay with all of this. Her life...
Shades of Revenge #ProjectNigeria by Laurazeeno
Shades of Revenge #ProjectNigeriaby Zeeno
Christina Osakwe is a renowned lawyer in Benin city, Nigeria. What happens when tragedy strikes and takes down the one person who means the world to her? Kyle Mercer ha...
Double life by axellesmet
Double lifeby axellesmet
Everyone has three lives, a public life, a private life and a secret life. Skylar Callaway has taken this quote to the extreme. She is the most introvert, silent, unkno...
That Rugby Boy by graceAwrites2104
That Rugby Boyby A
-COMPLETED- Cover Designed by-SteveConverse A story about how two young tennagers fall in love. (Not based on anybody , just my descriptions) yet they have to fa...
Elsie-Rae's got Double D's by biscuit_dunker
Elsie-Rae's got Double D'sby biscuit_dunker
Elsie-Rae always fancied having Double D's and that's exactly what she got after her boyfriend Ben dumped her, since that night in McDonald's car park her life has been...
We Went Broke at Midnight | ✔ by DG_and_Reid
We Went Broke at Midnight | ✔by ❝dg and reid❞
[COMPLETED] A girl's dad loses her job. A guy loses his wallet, girlfriend, and job all in a day. So what happens when the two strangers meet and both of them have money...
Coming Home by KateEliseTee
Coming Homeby Katie
When Camille's entire life in New York blows up in her face, she's forced to retreat to her hometown in the middle of nowhere and try to recover her losses. Taking a jo...
Raven by Anubis27
Ravenby Anubis Nicole
Raven James is a changeling. She spends 95% of her time as a raven. When a changeling turns eighteen, they must make a choice. Stay half human half animal, become fully...