The Celestial Tournament - Loke x Reader - Fairy Tail by Calysia_Gaming
The Celestial Tournament - Loke x...by Cally/Calysia/Cal
Started: 13/4/18 (4/13/18) Ended: ??? ------ The Celestial Tournament... Where to begin? This tournament is kept on the down low for anyone who isn't a celestial wizard...
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2016 TMNT Sugar Spice And Everything Nice by JarOfFangirl
2016 TMNT Sugar Spice And Everythi...by JarOfFanGirl🐢
Raphael×Leonardo×Reader°∆° You come back to NYC to live with your father Only to fall for an old friend from years back. Your 17, their 18. When things start getting h...
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PjO/HoO x Reader by Happyion
PjO/HoO x Readerby Hufflepuff Assassin of the Ma...
This book is a collection of fluffy one-shots of the following characters: •Percy Jackson •Leo Valdez •Nico DiAngelo •Jason Grace -Any other characters requested Will up...
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TMNT OneShots {TMNTxReader} by BlueToxicAndi
TMNT OneShots {TMNTxReader}by BlueToxicAndi
Oneshots with your favorite turtle or turtles or them being your overprotective older brothers or you being their daughter.
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More Tmnt x Reader Oneshots (REQUESTS CLOSED)  by Raphewel122
More Tmnt x Reader Oneshots (REQUE...by Anime Fangirl
Book 2 of my tmnt x reader oneshots. My first one was so popular with overflowing requests that I just had to make another for you all!
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Shredders Daughter by Raphewel122
Shredders Daughterby Anime Fangirl
(Y/n) Oruku is Shredders actual daughter. With Karai as her half sister. Her mother, Tang Shen, died in a fire when she was a little baby. Karai being younger than her...
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Leo x Reader One Shots by NerdsWearOddSocks
Leo x Reader One Shotsby NerdsWearOddSocks
|C O M P L E T E D| His curly black hair, the mischievous grin on his face 70% of the time, the way his beautiful eyes that seemed to know what you are thinking before...
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TMNT Leonardo x Reader Random Scenarios by AngelaMiyogawa4869
TMNT Leonardo x Reader Random Scen...by Gelnor_Porlucas
I am a huge fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 version and especially Leonardo, one of the turtles. Hope you liked it and I'm just sharing my daydreamings. P.S. I...
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LeoxReader 2 by girlz4ever89
LeoxReader 2by girlz4ever89
I know you all wanted more so I figured "why not?" And you can read this before my other book.
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In The Country (TMNT X Reader) by Donnie-Lover21
In The Country (TMNT X Reader)by Misha ❤
You were only 9 when your parents left you. You are now 13, almost 14, living on your own. You only had your little farm and your friends. That is, until something unexp...
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Percy Jackson Preferences and One Shots by IISilverEyesII
Percy Jackson Preferences and One...by Maddie
Percy Jackson preferences and one-shots! Includes PJ and HoO characters. Warning: Feels. Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson (duh) nor Peter Johnson. Neither the pic...
  • annabethchase
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T R U S T ❧ Hamato Leonardo X Reader by samseaa
T R U S T ❧ Hamato Leonardo X Read...by it another ninjnerd™
After an unfortunate accident, Y/n L/n is forced to stay with the Hamato Clan to recover under the watchful eye of Donatello. Despite, y'know, homework. She knew when s...
  • slowburn
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Yuri On Ice x Reader Collection by Natthealleycat
Yuri On Ice x Reader Collectionby Nat the Alley Cat
Just some one shots about the Ice Skating boys that have stolen my heart ((Warning: if it does not include Viktor or Yuuri as the love interest, they could be a couple.)...
  • readerxcharacter
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Hot Head (Leo x Reader) by twd-trash
Hot Head (Leo x Reader)by hollyyy
It's been months since your step brother, Percy Jackson, went missing. So, of course, when his girlfriend Annabeth tells you she thinks they found him, you make a top-no...
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A fiery death like love. by Solangelo4life4
A fiery death like love.by Solangelo4life4
Y/N loves her best friends Leo vadlez and Nico di Angelo. What happens when she finds out they do to?
  • percyjackson
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Leo x Reader (Fire Emblem Fates)  by bearchubbs66
Leo x Reader (Fire Emblem Fates) by bearchubbs66
You are the youngest sister out of three older sisters. Your father is the general for the Norhian army and a friend of King Garon. Your father once said when you get ol...
  • leo
  • romance
  • fireemblemfates
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Leader In Blue by Fancy_Tigerclaw
Leader In Blueby Fee Oakenshield
  • leonardohamoto
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TMNT 2016 Eyes Wide Shut by JarOfFangirl
TMNT 2016 Eyes Wide Shutby JarOfFanGirl🐢
TMNTXBLINDREADER Complete when your eyes are as dull as mine you can see so little. But What you feel is incredible. When a priestess named Y/n saved her village an...
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What's a (Y/n)? by EternalKimFlame
What's a (Y/n)?by GalaxyChildKix
(Y/n), Just a normal life in a normal city, but when she gets lost on her way home she finds a cave that connects with the sewers. Suddenly there's a flash of green and...
  • donnie
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Blood and Sunshine (Reader x Leo) by They_Never_End
Blood and Sunshine (Reader x Leo)by Savy
If you want a fluffy and happy Reader x Leo fanfic then left swipe but if you want something dark and twisted you have come to the right place. You and Leo have been...
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