Experiencias Paranormales by ClauHolbrook
Experiencias Paranormales by ClauHolbrook Paranormal
Las siguientes experiencias son totalmente verídicas. Algunas propias y otras relatadas por parte de terceras personas. Los nombres han sido modificados para mantener la...
Ultralight Beam {B. BARNES} by yarashadihi
Ultralight Beam {B. BARNES} by b r e 🍑 Fanfiction
"..and who the hell are you?" "....oh me? I'm Bucky's neighbor." {set in Civil War} {slow updates} {slowburn} {cover by nicole}
Little did I Know ⚣ by SpookiPunk
Little did I Know ⚣ by Spookie Science Fiction
In the middle of nowhere, eight-year-old Joshua Gonzalo discovers something rather odd. There lay another poor little boy, covered in injuries and strange markings, with...
Extraterrestrial | Taejoon  by jellyoongs
Extraterrestrial | Taejoon by anna Fanfiction
"You're from where?" "Uranus." a taejoon fan fiction ©jellyoongs Started: July 2017 Plagiarism is a crime
A Cosmic Misunderstanding (COMPLETE✔️) by ArabiaJ
A Cosmic Misunderstanding (COMPLET... by ArabiaJ Teen Fiction
The sudden passing of eighteen-year-old Lily Hamill's grandmother causes Lily to return to her Nana's bizarre hometown of Willowbrook after a ten-year absence. There she...
Harry, mi extraterrestre / Larry Stylinson by yaoi-for-ever
Harry, mi extraterrestre / Larry S... by Rose Stylinson:3 Fanfiction
Louis es secuestrado por un extraterrestre , este lo secuestra, lo viola, lo salva, en fin, se enamoran :') #944 en historia corta 26/12/16 #644 en Historia corta...
The Children of Time by ChaieneS
The Children of Time by Chaiene Santos Science Fiction
#1 Best ranking in #Portuguese - #ScienceFiction - #Wattys Award Winner More than one million readings #Portuguese What mysteries are hidden beyond the stars? ...
The Other Half of Us by zilahsina
The Other Half of Us by Anisha Liz Thomas Science Fiction
"Were you a human before or were you born a Bastiolan?" I spoke the last word with great difficulty. "None," she replied. __ They know when the Earth... de vidas inocentes by Tributo_numero12 de vidas inocentes by Tributo_numero12 General Fiction
La hora ha llegado, el día del juicio final ha comenzado. Desde que llegó la plaga y lo descontroló todo, ya nada ha vuelto a ser como antes. ¿Descubrirán los humanos lo...
superlunary by desireewantsfood
superlunary by des ♔ Romance
adjective - belonging to a higher world; celestial ♡ all rights reserved. don't steal my work. i may be 5'2" but i'll fight you
Life of a teenage super hero by Muzikslife15
Life of a teenage super hero by Muzikslife15 Action
Being a teenager is harder than anything in this planet... Dealing with wanting to be accepted Trying to impress our crush Praying to any God alive that our parents d...
OtherWorld; Tale of the Weeping Stone by CarlesJohnDom
OtherWorld; Tale of the Weeping St... by Carles John Dominic Action
The Astral Universe. A Universe with energy so vast... with beings possessing the ability to manipulate the Universe's vast energy at will... a Universe with a history s...
Three Shells Paradise by GunabalaSaladi
Three Shells Paradise by Gunabala Saladi Fantasy
[Updates on Tuesdays and Fridays] Shyla woke up dreaming of having a daughter who would cause the world to crumble and yet years later was creating a wish list for her b...
Ashrays by PigletButt
Ashrays by PigletButt Science Fiction
Finally scientists have been able to travel deeper into the ocean then they ever have before, but something was brought back up without anyone knowing.
My Last Few Days by gravityfalls54612
My Last Few Days by Dipper Pines Fantasy
Emma has been waiting her whole for her last few days which happen to come around her 18 birthday, the day she becomes an adult, but when something goes wrong, will she...
EXTRATERRESTRIAL [ Haikyuu!! ] → exitium series "DON'T WANNA BE LONELY, JUST WANNA BE YOURS" storyline © ARES (SEOKJINISM-) cover © Lola (lolatheloser_)
Knightcore by Knightcore6
Knightcore by Will Skyfox Fantasy
The speed was undeniably fast,the meteor from outta nowhere,wiped out every single species on the planet by crashing into it.But against all odds,the inhabitants surviv...
Interstellar by TAWardojo_Writes
Interstellar by T. A. Wardojo Science Fiction
in·ter·stel·lar ˌin(t)ərˈstelər/ adjective: interstellar occurring or situated between stars. "interstellar travel" ××× Declan's parents were government's secr...
The Affinity Between Our Stars by speederswift
The Affinity Between Our Stars by Jace Quick Science Fiction
A sassy android, a soldier with a scarred past, and a teenager who just wants to Breach peacefully. All in their own worlds. Literally *** Forty years after the world wa...
I'll believe in you by boo_harris
I'll believe in you by The Lynn side Fanfiction
Lance and Kieth are well on there way in their relationship, and things are looking pretty great but now with lance with a critical wound, a broken castle, and a power c...