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Heathen by softsloth
Heathenby softie
"You don't understand, little female. I am like a God to these people." Elodie is lost. Literally. After a massive adventure leads her to a strange planet with...
𝙍𝙚𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙣 𝙩𝙤 𝘿𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙞𝙙𝙞𝙭 by maxie_sue
𝙍𝙚𝙩𝙪𝙧𝙣 𝙩𝙤 𝘿𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙞𝙙𝙞𝙭by Maxie Sue ♡
⚠️ CURRENTLY EDITING! ⚠️ I had crashed onto Earth, and there she was. A small human, holding my entire world in her precious fingers. ✨✨✨ Wars have practically destroye...
Galactic Droid ✧・゚Taegyu by Taegyaza
Galactic Droid ✧・゚Taegyuby ✧
✭ A careless intergalactic traveler named Beomgyu, literally crashed his space capsule on Earth. This unworldly person finds himself stranded on this planet not knowing...
The Earth Boy [Ned Leeds x Male!Reader] by allalalalaa
The Earth Boy [Ned Leeds x Male!Re...by allalalalaa
"Wow! Did you really just come from space?" "Yeah, no shit! What was your first guess, Earth-Boy?" In which a beast-like extraterrestrial human goe...
Proxima's Mission by ProximaCentauriW
Proxima's Missionby Proxima Centauri
Proxima is tired of living in a strict and abusive country, so he decided to use his chance to escape using a spaceship. Warning: Mentions of death Inspired by: Protogen...
Humanis by MaaguaUniverso
Humanisby Edder Cardoso Sabino
Faced with an irreversible water crisis, a promising scientist tests a project for the planet Mar to become friendly to human life. When millions of extraterrestrial chi...
The Mighty Force by tylerstormx
The Mighty Forceby Tyler Storm
Four siblings born from a distant planet were sent to earth when their father, Caldor was executed by the authority figures of their home world. Reason being is was that...
project archive (part two in progress) by TB_2806
project archive (part two in progr...by family of killers
Description for part 1 is before 'chapter 1 part 1: the message' and for part twos description is just after you finish reading chapter 20
The Invisible Universe by ZacAndrews
The Invisible Universeby Zac Andrews
What lies beyond the senses? What secrets have been hidden from you due to your physical limitations? Is the universe as empty as it seems? Are we alone? Dr Thomas Cl...
Our Treasure (Jim Hawkins x Female Reader) [COMPLETED] by hollybell51
Our Treasure (Jim Hawkins x Female...by Holly May
Working as a cabin girl on the RLS Legacy with her friend and mentor John Silver, (Y/N) wants nothing more than to reach Treasure Planet. That is, until she meets Jim Ha...
Transformers Age of Extinction: Bluebeam by LuNavas2103
Transformers Age of Extinction: Bl...by LunaTheWolfDragon2103
Ashley Cruz is an honorary member of the Autobots, group of aliens who landed on Earth some years ago. She fought for and with them whenever they needed her. Due to her...
A-lan x reader (ZOMBIES 3) by Lily_Grace0506
A-lan x reader (ZOMBIES 3)by :)
When aliens come to invade Seabrook, Addison welcomes them completely. However, one alien in particular catches your eye. That one alien, the same person who obliterated...
The Alien Agenda 2  by AkshuMenon
The Alien Agenda 2 by Akshu
The sequel to The Alien Agenda! Highest rank in Science Fiction #401 #2 in 'subconscious' #337 in 'featured' #27 in 'control' #4 in 'extraterrestrials' #201 in 'time tr...
Conspiracy Theories by lmaoashlyn
Conspiracy Theoriesby lmaoashlyn
a series of conspiracy theories that will make you question your entire existence and everything that you've seen, heard, felt, and done. this book also includes other t...
The Domus Holmidaeus by MrJ0nes
The Domus Holmidaeusby MrJ0nes
[The Second Book in The Holmidae Chronicles] Kleftis has been defeated for now but there are two more enemies to face. A hobgoblin called Mania the Mad and a sorceress n...
The Galaxy: Beginnings...  by Just_sixteen
The Galaxy: Beginnings... by Just_sixteen
To all Science fiction writers with love... This was a story that I was going to write, but then I realized that I am really bad at writing scifi... Enjoy
Thunder (G/T P!Septiplier) by PlatonicSeptiplier
Thunder (G/T P!Septiplier)by A Host of Stories
Mark's life has been constructed around harmony and knowing your place. To be a warrior of the Pänthera tribe is an honor, as is serving his people. But the tranquility...
3Below: The Summer of Tarron by kelseybluewolfe
3Below: The Summer of Tarronby Blue 💗
Krel Tarron doesn't care about making friends on Earth. He and his sister are just going to leave the planet soon, right? When he finds that he has no clue how he's goin...
Space Battleship Yamato: The Universal Struggle by SheepDaily
Space Battleship Yamato: The Unive...by RainDaily1945
An alternate universe. And a crossover of Halo, mainly their vessels integrated into the Cosmo Navy. One which features humanity as advanced according to their own measu...
2 different worlds Micheal Afton X Reader  by Sakura_Wolfx
2 different worlds Micheal Afton X...by Sadie
What happens if there was another planet? Invaded by humans? No, but G bloods. G bloods aged back to before the universe ever existed. What happens if one of them travel...