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Man From Outer (Book One: Leptoid Chronicles) by aesthetichb
Man From Outer (Book One: Leptoid...by • haylie •
" What are you?" My lip quivers, the words fall out of my mouth without me even thinking of them. My thoughts are on my parents who are currently being rough h...
  • sexy
  • aliens
  • war
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Celestial Infatuation by EvilCatsAndBunnies
Celestial Infatuationby WanderingSoul
Evelyn's hands were shaking as she covered her mouth to muffle the whimpers she was making Perspiration trickled down her forehead as she breathed harshly. She looked o...
  • forced
  • tragedy
  • action
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Abducted; Namjin by forevermoonchild
Abducted; Namjinby ~BoY wItH lOvE~
Kim Seokjin is just your ordinary college student trying to get by- Until that night... While trying to get back to his dorm late in the night, a random stranger charism...
  • bts
  • extraterrestrial
  • mature
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Ultralight Beam {B. BARNES} by HOUSEOFVENUS
Ultralight Beam {B. BARNES}by b r e 💫
"..and who the hell are you?" "....oh me? I'm Bucky's neighbor." {set in Civil War} {slow updates} {slowburn} {cover by nicole}
  • buckyxreader
  • alien
  • romance
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An Artist's Dream by MikahLuves
An Artist's Dreamby 💔 Mikah 💔
Fox Claude was always the girl to sit at the back of her class, dazed, because she was always thinking of what she would paint that day. She was completely mesmerized by...
  • teenfiction
  • extraterrestrial
  • adventure
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Angels and Wormholes by David_Shultz
Angels and Wormholesby David Shultz
A star-faring religious cult has created an army of robotic zealots designed to follow holy scripture. As the robotic menace spreads across the galaxy, it takes prisoner...
  • action
  • interstellar
  • spacetravel
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Into The Lost Planet by prevaildelune
Into The Lost Planetby Luna Louche
Year 3019, also known as Earth's End Time. The time when the scientists are rushing on their research and inventions in able to form a machine that could help them trave...
  • lostplanet
  • nasa
  • future
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Race To Witch Mountain-The Winter Flower by Cinnymoon
Race To Witch Mountain-The Winter...by Cinnymoon
Seth x OC
  • aliens
  • sara
  • oc
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Mi Chica de Hierro by LgGerman20
Mi Chica de Hierroby Luis Germán Pérez
MERCK es un chico que se enamora de una chica muy bella, simpática y de ojos verdes llamada BRINCH en donde narra su historia; pero el no sabe que ella no es humana, el...
  • extraterrestres
  • amor
  • misterio
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Gumtree Loneliness by stars_are_MAGIC
Gumtree Lonelinessby Larissa.
A lonely girl who wishes people can just accept her... And a human-like alien who thinks humanity is absolutely boring, until he reads lonely girl's thoughts. ★ Science...
  • planets
  • space
  • wormhole
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Filosofía Extraterrestre by Che-Christobal
Filosofía Extraterrestreby Che Christobal
¿Estamos solos en el mundo?¿Existen otros seres en este planeta? hay muchas teorías sobre extraterrestres, pero ¿somos nosotros seres humano en busca de extraterrestres...
  • vida
  • alien
  • extraterrestre
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crazy in love ° NATASHA ROMANOFF by -insecure
crazy in love ° NATASHA ROMANOFFby b l u e
' it's the way that you know what i thought i know it's the beat that my heart skips when i'm with you but i still dont understand just how yo...
  • asgard
  • pietromaximoff
  • hulk
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Her Kingdom was stolen by her own uncle, she was humiliated, her parents, dead, her people lost faith in her, she was a failure. But that didn't stop her, she gathered t...
  • magic
  • firstperson
  • prison
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The Other Half of Us by zilahsina
The Other Half of Usby Anisha Liz Thomas
"To be told you're not human, topped with aliens recruiting people like us, to save us all from damnation is so, so crazy!" her eyebrows scrunched together and...
  • horror-thriller
  • extraterrestrial
  • horror
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Evolution of the Universe by AndraForbes
Evolution of the Universeby Andra Forbes
Have you given much thought as to why we are here and what lies out there in that vast area we call space? Scientists believe that the Universe was created almost 14 bil...
  • evolve
  • stars
  • neptune
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Monster by OtakuFallerSTED
Monsterby Animae
"Better Choose carefully Shooting Star. Remember You're making deals with me; your sworn enemy" "You're offering me all that? Mabel Pines better think car...
  • mabel
  • dipperpines
  • gravityfalls
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Model Of The Stars by WaivernRiver
Model Of The Starsby Mal
All Virgil wanted was to make his family proud. Or so he thought. Despite being at the top of the academy for piloting, having the intention to join his father in the ba...
  • space
  • wormhole
  • confidence
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The Children of Time (Screenplay Version) by ChaieneS
The Children of Time (Screenplay V...by Chaiene Santos
Based on HQ The Children of Time, co-author: @carlosrocha. A young student rescues a princess from an exoplanet. He faces a dangerous enemy who wants to take over the th...
  • action
  • dystopian
  • featured
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Space Stranger(Alien x Reader) by SarcasmTortoise
Space Stranger(Alien x Reader)by Tank’s Channel
An alien comes to Earth, or rather, an other worldly creature. They meet humans for the first time, and befriends a few. You even become friends with them!! But, why d...
  • alien
  • wholesome
  • xreader
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La demande by YoongiWoozi2
La demandeby Lee Sung Tae
*Je suis Moon Sol et j'ai 18 ans. Mes parents sont les personnes les plus riches de Corée.* °Je suis V et j'ai 18 ans. Mes parents sont les deuxièmes personnes les plus...
  • fanfiction
  • taehyung
  • kim
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