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My crush on the Cheerleader (gxg) by WildcatData06
My crush on the Cheerleader (gxg)by WildcatData06
Addison is gay and has a massive crush on a cheerleader at her school. A cheerleader who is supposed to be 'straight'. But as the school year progressives so does Addiso...
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It Was Just A Small Bite  by cowgirlzeddison
It Was Just A Small Bite by CrazyFangirl
What happens when Addison's grandpa who lost his ear to a zombie visits Seabrook?And how will he react to zeddison? Read to find out! ATTENTION!! This book is being (sl...
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Impregnable Bonds by emiliaahastings
Impregnable Bondsby Emilia Hastings
There is a 1.5th chance in a 100 of being the lucky triplets. Here's one which will entertain you. Aiden, Alex and Addison Maine are those three lucky siblings which...
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My basketball story (UNDER CONSTRUCTION 🚧) (SLOW UPDATES🚨) by KawaiiTaylor14
My basketball story (UNDER LLJ🌏🕊
I'm moving to California and I am so nervous I wonder who I will meet there...
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You are my home ~ Mark Sloan/OC by TellerCreations
You are my home ~ Mark Sloan/OCby StoryTeller
When her life in New York flips on its head, Kassandra Palmer returns home to Seattle. However, "home" no longer feels the same. Not without New York. Not wi...
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The Billionaire's Luck by alessia_xo_
The Billionaire's Luckby NotYourTypicalAuthor
When poor, abused Addison Snow finally runs away from her unforgiving home she thinks her life could finally get better with a new job and a forbidden romance but can he...
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Zed x reader by Elia151
Zed x readerby
instead of Addison and zed falling in love, it's y/n and zed's love story
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playbill , joshua bassett by astridsloans
playbill , joshua bassettby ‎
꒱ | ೃ࿔₊• #are you a playbill because i want to keep you forever ! ( joshua bassett ) © / astridsloans
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Finally (greys anatomy) by skywinters15
Finally (greys anatomy)by Sky Winters
Emerson Taylor moves to a new state for a new start unaware she's actually bringing a little bit of her past life into her new one. Greys Anatomy fan fiction. Prior to...
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Royalty // Sweet Pea X OC by yourcheesewhizdealer
Royalty // Sweet Pea X OCby ThnksFrThPrtyDd: Frnk
In which Addison King returns to Riverdale with her father after being in Greendale for two years. Addison is the daughter of a gangleader, the Royals. a Greendale gang...
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Cupid Falling Too Hard by AKAElleDuh
Cupid Falling Too Hardby Danielle K.
Addison Price is Kingston High's very own Cupid. She doesn't shoot arrows, she has her own special ways of making people fall in love. She's well-known and liked such th...
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Considered You And I // Zed X Reader » Discontinued by thoristaken
Considered You And I // Zed X Liana Mendez
HIGHEST RANGKING: ✔#23 IN zombies [I forgot the dates till poms] ✔#2 IN milomanheim ✔ #1 IN poms ✔#1 IN bonzo 10.28.2018 ✔#9 IN disney 11.18.2018 (OUT OF 4K ST0RIES!) ✔...
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MerAdd Oneshots  by LezBeDaisy
MerAdd Oneshots by More Daisy!
Using a list of about 200 writers prompts, I'm going to create about 200 MerAdd oneshots.
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When The Snow Falls // Meredith X Addison by heyk8telyn
When The Snow Falls // Meredith kate
Boston was cold in the winter, all Addison needed someone to keep her warm. College AU.
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The Shepherd Theory by SamDoesThings
The Shepherd Theoryby sam
No. I was not royal. I was anything, but royal. But my name was Royal, Royal Shepherd. Sister of neurosurgeons Amelia and Derek Shepherd, and for the first time in years...
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Disney ZOMBIES - Boundaries (Zed X Reader) by XxGirl_Gamer15xX
Disney ZOMBIES - Boundaries (Zed Your Pastel Pink Devil
You're new to Seabrook and you noticed something, why is there a boundary that splits the school. And you also did saw the same boundary wall near your house, and it say...
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A Regular Cinderella (boyxboy) by TransientGuest
A Regular Cinderella (boyxboy)by TransientGuest
Lyle Prince has been given an ultimatum by his wealthy parents. Find the partner of his choice by the end of their fancy masquerade in March or get married to a bride o...
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zombies | imagines by zoomer-r
zombies | imaginesby ༣*:. 𝐀𝐋𝐀𝐍𝐀 ⚠︎
zed. bonzo. eliza. bucky. allison. tracey.
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Tell Me You Love Me {Bucky & Eliza} *Completed* by nahitsjustzo
Tell Me You Love Me {Bucky & zoe molnar • 1/2 tpt
Bucky asked Eliza to the Dance to tell her his emotions for her, but when something happens, it never happens, but when it does, they end up together. Meanwhile, Eliza w...
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BAMM! ~Disney Zombies (Zed Fanfic)~ [Completed] by Sorsha18
BAMM! ~Disney Zombies (Zed Fanfic) Karina
Btw this is terrible, I hate how I wrote this so read at your own risk. Hi I'm Rebecca (Becky), Bucky's sister. He's always been so protective of me. Literally if anyone...
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