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Diary of an Atheist by DarkPH0T0N
Diary of an Atheistby CrazyChristian
Hi guys! My name's Collin, and I am an atheist, skeptic, and freethinker who just wants to share his thoughts with the Wattpad atheist community!
  • god
  • atheism
  • jesus
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Angels and Wormholes by David_Shultz
Angels and Wormholesby David Shultz
A star-faring religious cult has created an army of robotic zealots designed to follow holy scripture. As the robotic menace spreads across the galaxy, it takes prisoner...
  • extraterrestrials
  • spacetravel
  • scifi
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Step Into The Light (Poetry and Prose Journal) by RestinTheShade
Step Into The Light (Poetry and RestinTheShade
A poetry and prose journal of sorts. Be forewarned though, you might not get what you are expecting. Added to on a semi-regular basis.
  • finding
  • perfect
  • swords
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Secular Sober by Marci_XYU
Secular Soberby Marci
  • court
  • alcohol
  • atheism
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The Signs Are Coming by BlueHappyKing
The Signs Are Comingby Neela A. Kumar
A true to life horror story. Set in London, two young adults discover a terrifying secret that's lurking in our world right now. The Signs are Coming. Can you see them? ...
  • city
  • coming
  • signs
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Pure (boyxboy) by Larryshipping_
Pure (boyxboy)by Larryshipping_
Harry is a regular 18 year old boy trying to build up his education for his career in the future. He keeps modest even though he gets the girls because he isn't so much...
  • innocentharry
  • theboynextdoor
  • romance
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Heavenly Humor by elliesimaginating
Heavenly Humorby elliesimaginating
What happens when you trap 4 mormon people, an atheist couple and a pot head in a deserted island? Well, let us find out... A mix of tragedy, drama and humor as it i...
  • mormon
  • humor
  • stowaway
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Why I'm An Agnostic-Athiest by blueintheface666
Why I'm An Agnostic-Athiestby blueintheface666
  • hell
  • religion
  • god
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Sovereign Atheism by ominous_thoughts
Sovereign Atheismby ominous_thoughts
Short book containing, thoughts, ideas, and conspiracies about human nature, law and religion.
  • bisexuallove
  • bisexual
  • conspiracy
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The Successor Of The World by AshishLaxman
The Successor Of The Worldby Ashish Laxman
7000 BC Sage Anutaapa is crowned as the all-powerful successor - the 'Apaursheya' of the world to set right the path of religiosity for several thousands of years to c...
  • atheism
  • fatalism
  • mythology
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Geezer Mary by MarcoShatter
Geezer Maryby Marco A. Shatter
Geezer Mary, a relic from a long forgotten world, finds herself the captive of The Blue Ardour. This faction has dominated the lives of society with it's strange rituals...
  • scripture
  • love
  • spirits
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From Religion To Reason by Harry_Hamilton
From Religion To Reasonby Skepticism
A book dedicated to checking for fallacies in religions and defending science. I am by no means personally against christianity, but I am against all those who try in va...
  • abiogenesis
  • jesus
  • christianity
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Rachel's Book of Shadows by ProstheticMustache
Rachel's Book of Shadowsby ϵ( 'Θ' )϶
The whole Jesus thing didn't really work long-term. Not everybody is captivated by flashy magnificent miracles. Jesus went through some crap, but he had some quite uniq...
  • agnosticism
  • atheist
  • agape
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Antler Plan by joonashuhta
Antler Planby Joonas Huhta
Atheist icon Max Crimstein is pure dedication. He excels in showing priests, saints, martyrs and fairy tale men at their morally repugnant worst, and at the end of the d...
  • god
  • santa
  • atheism
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Saint Tay by much_terrific
Saint Tayby Taleya Dye
Otherwise known as "A Portrait of the Artist as a God" In which our protagonist {c'est moi} describes in fractured and beautiful words, her earliest foray thro...
  • poetry
  • growth
  • prose
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If I Believe  by JaimeDieu
If I Believe by Anfisa Belov
[COPYRIGHT] Gabriel is forced to join an anti-religion sect of the government called R.E.D. that aims to eradicate Christianity. He begins persecuting the Christians he...
  • christian
  • jesus
  • atheism
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How to Fix Things by Tails_155
How to Fix Thingsby Timothy
  • religion
  • society
  • faith
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