TomTord Oneshots by MadisonCianciarulo
TomTord Oneshots by Dark-writing hiatus Fanfiction
Heyo everyone. I was bored and have to wait to make another story, so I thought 'you know what? I'm going to make a oneshot book!' So, yeah. I'll post about requests in...
Raise A New (tomtord) (parents) by Isabella_gaytrash_
Raise A New (tomtord) (parents) by idfc_life Fanfiction
Tom and Tord Ridgewell's marriage has not always been the best. Now knowing how much it has effects their baby, Torm, they try to get better at communicating. Things hav...
Shouldn't Have [TomTord] by CeramicGarden
Shouldn't Have [TomTord] by Uh Fanfiction
Hanahaki Disease AU: Tom doesn't try. He doesn't want to. This is because no matter what he does, he knows he'll always end up in last place. It's no big deal, it's not...
Ill Be There {♡TomTord Smut♡} by MyaTheSinner
Ill Be There {♡TomTord Smut♡} by ilovememes Fanfiction
!!PLEASE TAKE NOTICE OF THIS!! this is the shipping of the characters NOT the real life people! please take notice of that and be respectful to the eddsworld creators/vo...
Art Book by thisislifenow
Art Book by What the heck I gotta do? Fanfiction
This book is dedicated to only art
New Times (Fanfic Version) by DaBuN_Bun
New Times (Fanfic Version) by DaBuN_Bun Fanfiction
Its been a while since The End and Tord is extremely depressed. One fortunate day when he bumps into Tom changes everything. Eyes start changing colors. People go missin...
The New Kid (TomTord Au) by BeTheTordToMyTom
The New Kid (TomTord Au) by ⭐SmolBlueBean⭐ Fanfiction
the setting is of tom, tord, Edd and Matt in high school Tom walks to school everyday as always, but there's a new kid at the bus stop. Who? He had horn looking hair and...
Tom x NekoTord(😛) by MayraLilacBunny
Tom x NekoTord(😛) by MayraLilacBunny Fanfiction
...The title and cover should explain...😛 Cover Art By @TapiokaLoka Eddsworld is not mine! I wish Tom and Tord were mine though.....😂
⚫Eddsworld Oneshots⚫ by Luminous_Anarath
⚫Eddsworld Oneshots⚫ by anonymouse Random
Some smut, some fluff, a little bit of lemon and a whole bucket ton of gay. Short stories and requests based around gay shippings of Eddsworld! {Requests are OPEN} //Lu...
Eddsworld x reader oneshots by DaybreakDares
Eddsworld x reader oneshots by StarChild Fanfiction
Requests are always open! While this isn't my first story/fanfic ever, it IS the first I've ever posted anywhere! I will write lemons/smut, or at least try to. Anyway re...
Eddsworld Oneshots by BasicGalaxyy
Eddsworld Oneshots by Sarah Fanfiction
X Readers and Ships. Requests always open. <3
No Talking //TomTord\\ by TheCandyKing__
No Talking //TomTord\\ by (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * Fanfiction
"Hey, Mr. Larsin! I kinda forgot about my homework, so-" "Oi, no talking Thomas." "But-" "Your voice is seducing me." *snickers c...
Tom X Tord Lemon Oneshot Book by SunshineLollipopTord
C•A•C•A•O (Art Book) by CaisIDK
C•A•C•A•O (Art Book) by IT'S NOT A FAZE MOM Random
Did you not read the title? Btw warning this should be really cringy.
Art Book and Shenanigans 2 by BloodyLPSGamer
Art Book and Shenanigans 2 by BloodyLPSGamer Random
Another shifty art book with random shit in-between
My Best Adventure Was You (TomTord) by SpoopyTree
My Best Adventure Was You (TomTord) by Excuuuse me Princess Fanfiction
'You make sacrifices all the time and you put off things that you want to do and you put off adventures. You put it off because the best adventure is being together and...
Eddsworld  [LEMONS] by EddHeadXArtsy
Eddsworld [LEMONS] by Gail Lainey Fanfiction
Why am I doing this to myself.. XD
~DieWorld au~ (second book) by MyaTheSinner
~DieWorld au~ (second book) by ilovememes Fanfiction
WARNINGS: suicide, emotional shit, cussing, offensive jokes, etc. if you dont like it please dont read the fucking book. ~~ basically if you read this book and not the f...
Tomtord oneshots by dream_ovo
Tomtord oneshots by gay™ Fanfiction
gotta have me some tomtord, mmMm. but seriously, these are just shitty oneshots because i'm a piece of trash ;) --- ♡requests are currently open! feel free to drop a pro...
TomTord pictures by MonsterTommy135