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Young Love (Matt x Tord HighSchool AU) by ouma-exe
Young Love (Matt x Tord 💜It’s a Lie💜
Matt's the popular kid. Tord's a otaku outcast. What will happen to these two when they both harbor romantic feelings for each other? READ FOR MORE!! Bonus: EddTom in th...
The Difference Between Us by Izzys_World_Away
The Difference Between Usby ϟꂡꏹꋊꈵꀤ ꈵꁲꂵꀤꋊꁲꋪꀤϟ
Tord is an exchange student from the small island of Norway Matt has lived in the United States most of his life ever since the destruction of the UK 200 years before in...
♡TordMatt Oneshots♡ by LinaTheWriter
♡TordMatt Oneshots♡by Jack Stauber
I AM OVERLY EXCITED ABOUT MAKING THIS. I will take any requests you can throw (that are about TordMatt, of course). All images aren't mine unless I say they are!
Anyone Can Change If They Try! ((TordMatt)) by PhillyBoBilly
Anyone Can Change If They Try! (( Philly
This story happens a week after The End. Tom and Edd have moved on but Matt had not. And so, Matt goes out searching for Tord... and eventually... he finds him... ((DUN...
My One-Shots of Eddsworld! [DISCONTINUED]✔️ by InactiveEddy
My One-Shots of Eddsworld! [ Inactive
Just as the title says, it's a book filled with one-shots revolving around the lives of the Eddsworld crew: Edd, Tom, Matt, Tord, and maybe more! |Also: I do NOT own any...
It all started with the closet (TomEdd) by Bugling149
It all started with the closet ( Bug🦔
Tord invited everyone to his apartment to play a game because he was bored. They decided to play '7 Minutes In Heaven' and stuff happens.
It's nice to see you again {TordMatt/Mattord} by senpapiclub
It's nice to see you again { murduck
{Warning, this is an old story} This takes place after the end. Matt ends up finding Tord and talks to him. {I don't own the cover picture or the characters mentioned in...
🍁|愛してる ■《Eddsworld Oneshots》 by koiichiro
🍁|愛してる ■《Eddsworld Oneshots》by Snezhnaya's simp
Eddsworld is created and by Edd Gould. None of the characters are mine. Contains: Fluff, angst, lemon, gore, orange Very slow updates!!! Rankings: #4 mattord #25 Eddsw...
Eddsworld smutshot by haimdepressed
Eddsworld smutshotby Ded_r_us
This is a smut book if you want angst then go to my angles don't always have wings and halo book so yeah
Random Tord bottom smut by Smol_Weeaboo
Random Tord bottom smutby Smol Weeaboo
I do Tord bottom only so if you don't want that go find another book to read. I shall do almost any ship with Tord except Paul of Patrick with him cuz they like his dads...
eddsworld smut/Fluff ON HOLD! REQUEST=CLOSED! by ThatBoiWhoLovesCola
eddsworld smut/Fluff ON HOLD! Some bored emo shit
Read the title this is my first smut book or book in general so sorry if it's bad :/ Btw this will contain Fluff, Smut and anything really Requests are closed! Slow upd...
Beautiful Boy (Tordmatt) by simplyaaccident
Beautiful Boy (Tordmatt)by 🌵🔪🐸 mlem 🐸🔪🌵
Beautiful Boy. Made on this specific DATE: 1/11/19 (January 11th, 2019). • All Rights Reserved • !!Warnings: Lemon/Smut later into book, uncensored swearing, mature lang...
His favorite color is purple by SkyAtlantic
His favorite color is purpleby TM
Matt, now known as the purple leader, isn't a fan of his new title or his daily tasks. It's more then he expected, but when an unexpected visitor turns his world around...
Mi Opinion De Los Ships de ''EddsWorld'' by SouthPark_Trash2004
Mi Opinion De Los Ships de '' Andrea Aguero A.
Solo quiero opinar sin que me persigan con antorchas, ok? >:'v
Eddsworld - Deep Blue Sea by tordnado
Eddsworld - Deep Blue Seaby tordnado
i read this again because of the new ew ep and...... why was freshman year me so good at writing. why. for what. WHY
Awkward Love - {TordMatt} by LinaTheWriter
Awkward Love - {TordMatt}by Jack Stauber
(This fanfiction occurs during highschool! I'm still writing it.) Tord, a quiet kid that loves hentai, finds himself becoming friends with his polar opposite. Matt is a...
Some Clever Title (Just Read Desc.) by ThatPanTransMan
Some Clever Title (Just Read Desc.)by Harry What's For Din Din
So, this is basically gonna be some cringy Eddsworld fanfic where everyone has a crush on each other Edd 💚 Tom Tom 💙 Matt Matt 💜 Tord Tord ❤ Edd But the thing is no...
christian goods (18+ sinshots) by CasualShipping
christian goods (18+ sinshots)by biggayhoe
yep,, this is indeed what it has come to. sinshots. welp. i do take requests. this will prolly end up being an eddsworld book. why? it's just the fandom i know the bes...