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Awkward Love - {TordMatt} by LinaTheWriter
Awkward Love - {TordMatt}by Jack Stauber
(This fanfiction occurs during highschool! I'm still writing it.) Tord, a quiet kid that loves hentai, finds himself becoming friends with his polar opposite. Matt is a...
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Beautiful Boy (Tordmatt) by simplyaaccident
Beautiful Boy (Tordmatt)by ☁ c l ö ü d y ☁
Beautiful Boy. Made on this specific DATE: 1/11/19 (January 11th, 2019). • All Rights Reserved • !!Warnings: Lemon/Smut later into book, uncensored swearing, mature lang...
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TomTord/TordTom Oneshots #1 by Saltiest_Sardine
TomTord/TordTom Oneshots #1by Sardine Juice
I take requests! Started: July 28th 2018 Ended: June 29 2019 ~Goals~ 100 reads ✔ 250 reads ✔ 500 reads ✔ 900 reads ✔ 1k reads ✔ 1.5k reads ✔ 2k reads ✔ 3k reads ✔ 6k re...
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💙♥️Eddsworld Oneshots💜💚 by ChipIDK
💙♥️Eddsworld Oneshots💜💚by Chip
I will do ALLL requests!! Smut, sad stuff and separate works!!
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It's nice to see you again {TordMatt/Mattord} by senpapiclub
It's nice to see you again { murduck
{Warning, this is an old story} This takes place after the end. Matt ends up finding Tord and talks to him. {I don't own the cover picture or the characters mentioned in...
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Eddsworld smutshot by haimdepressed
Eddsworld smutshotby Ded_r_us
This is a smut book if you want angst then go to my angles don't always have wings and halo book so yeah
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It all started with the closet (TomEdd) by bi_bi_boy
It all started with the closet ( 🌀Ashton🌀
Tord invited everyone to his apartment to play a game because he was bored. They decided to play '7 Minutes In Heaven' and stuff happens. Yep this is TomEdd so take it! ...
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My One-Shots of Eddsworld! [DISCONTINUED]✔️ by JurassicAlex
My One-Shots of Eddsworld! [ ♥️•••Alex•••♥️
Just as the title says, it's a book filled with one-shots revolving around the lives of the Eddsworld crew: Edd, Tom, Matt, Tord, and maybe more! |Also: I do NOT own any...
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TordMatt/MattTord RP Book! by LinaTheWriter
TordMatt/MattTord RP Book!by Jack Stauber
I'm literally always busy, but I wanted to make this anyway! As you might've noticed, I'm trying really hard to create as much Tord X Matt content as I can. I have schoo...
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Eddsworld oneshots by pamperdpandas
Eddsworld oneshotsby Panda
I will do Tomtord Tordtom Mattedd(fluff only) Eddmatt (fluff only) Tordedd (fluff only) EddTord (fluff only) Tomedd (fluff only) Eddtom (fluff only) Tordmatt (fluff only...
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[Inactive] Unexpected - Eddsworld by toonacy
[Inactive] Unexpected - Eddsworldby Trying Their Best
Expect the Unexpected. Tom, Edd, and Matt finally feel as if their lives are changing for the better. Turns out less adventures means less danger, and they're beginning...
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My Opinion on Eddsworld Characters and Ships. by ProjectZGG
My Opinion on Eddsworld Project_ZGG
Just my blunt opinions on the ships and characters, it's all in the title. Remember, these are MY opinions, I'd love to hear your opinion and reasoning behind why you li...
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Admin's Eddsworld Ship Pictures Dump by TheCommieChild
Admin's Eddsworld Ship Pictures Tord Larsson
Admin: *ships everything*
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eddsworld smut/Fluff ON HOLD! REQUEST=CLOSED! by ThatBoiWhoLovesCola
eddsworld smut/Fluff ON HOLD! Some bored emo shit
Read the title this is my first smut book or book in general so sorry if it's bad :/ Btw this will contain Fluff, Smut and anything really Requests are closed! Slow upd...
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Mostly MattTord smutshots because i am bored and some crack by steve_theteammom_
Mostly MattTord smutshots ❣🏳️‍🌈Steve "The hair" Harri...
smut. i have no words except that art is not mine unless stated
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TordMatt [Oneshots] by 4swordsruinedmylife
TordMatt [Oneshots]by Kieran
You have no idea how much this ship means to me. I have one forth of a journal dedicated to it.
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Edd x Reader by OneshotQUEENOwO
Edd x Readerby OneshotQUEENOwO
Warning!⚠ There are: Sexual scenes, cursing, self harm, depression, abuse, and other things. You are good friends with Matt and once you lose your apartment because of i...
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Eddsworld omegaverse oneshots (Smut and Fluff) by pamperdpandas
Eddsworld omegaverse oneshots ( Panda
Please read the first chapter for more info. Here are the ships I'll do and the story types available for them: Tomtord(any) Tordtom(any) Eddmatt(fluff only) Mattedd(flu...
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eddsworld children for my ships canon designs And Stuff by obie_cooffe
eddsworld children for my ships obie
xD so i just wanted to put there canon desgins and important stuff? here cause im bored
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Eddsworld Ships| Oneshots by pastelnorth
Eddsworld Ships| Oneshotsby fløwer~gïrl
(all stories under editing.)