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Eddsworld smutshots  by phobiiac
Eddsworld smutshots by Tommie
Bottom Tom only !! Requests open !!
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War Is Pain And Love (TomTord) by AngelOfDarknesss123
War Is Pain And Love (TomTord)by GlozeMidnight~♚
Tom was kidnapped, separated from edd and Matt and took in by tord himself. He was forced to join the army and he found himself getting used to it. Tord had a realizati...
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Eddsworld Lemons  by SilverBeetle451
Eddsworld Lemons by Annoying Trash
We got some story and we really got some lemons 🍋. You like kinky we got kinky too 🔥
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Help Me Remember (TomTord) {COMPLETED} by Lybertee32
Help Me Remember (TomTord) { TomTordTrash :3
Tord wakes up after the explosion finding that he's deaf and blind in the right side of his face. His right arm is bleeding bad and the worst thing of all is he can't re...
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Eddsworld Oneshots by Luminous_Anarath
Eddsworld Oneshotsby dead
Some smut, some fluff, a little bit of lemon and a whole bucket ton of gay. Short stories and requests based around gay shippings of Eddsworld! {Requests are OPEN} //Lu...
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Red Leaders Lover(TordTom/TomTord) by TheDeadKitKat
Red Leaders Lover(TordTom/TomTord)by Kit Kat
A/N Oki so this Gon be cliche but I don't care :P. This story will update late and slow because of My Highschool Sweetheart but if your patient you'll love it~ so just w...
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Pitch Black (Tomtord) by satiresalt
Pitch Black (Tomtord)by disgruntled nut
The missile missed Tom. The explosion did not. Now his eyesight matched his eyes. Now all he does is sit in his room listening to music and thinking. But what if a cert...
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Otp Scenarios  by Classic_Stupid_Torm
Otp Scenarios by Classic_Stupid_Torm
OTP Scenarios
TomTord Smutshots (COMPLETED) by RealmShifter
TomTord Smutshots (COMPLETED)by Realm Shifter
This is a continuation of HttpBaby_Boy's TomTord smut shots! Like their's, I will also ONLY do Top- Tord! Thank you!
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Jealousy {TordTom/TomTord story} by thatLametOm
Jealousy {TordTom/TomTord story}by Areh
《Slowburn》 It's been 5 months since 'The End'. Tord leaves Red Army and tries to get his friends' trust again. When he comes back, Norwegian gives a lot of his attentio...
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Sniper by SpikeyJuice
Sniperby The Goblin King
When Tom finally hits rock bottom, he decides he doesn't want to suffer anymore . But he can't do it himself, so he hires an assassin to kill him within a year. Little d...
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Our Eyes... (TomTord) by Lybertee32
Our Eyes... (TomTord)by TomTordTrash :3
(This is based off of a dream I had!) (Also this is more of like magical powers and things like that-) If you have green eyes you're normal If you have brown eyes you're...
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Eddsworld Lemons(Comeplete) by devilish_lee
Eddsworld Lemons(Comeplete)by leeland
WARNING!!! this has mature content that might not be suitable for some viewers A book of Eddsworld, ships and sins and very little fluffs. This book has ended so no req...
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Four Armies (An Eddsworld AU fanfic) by -_EddsworldNerd_-
Four Armies (An Eddsworld AU 👌FandomTrash👌
(Sorry for the bad cover art I really quickly had to put it together, I will try and get a better one done later.) The story of an Eddsworld AU where Edd is leader...
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The Demon inside my history book (Tomtord) by ewafan
The Demon inside my history book ( ewafan
It's the senior year of Highschool. Thomas Rosewood never was a good student. Little did he know that this year would change his life completely. Cover Art: Ewafan
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Don't let the monster come out [Future Tomtord] by EmberPotato
Don't let the monster come out [ Ember
This is after the accident a few years later tord ruins Toms vision and gives him new sight bc tom would be useless other wise to him. Tord is the red army leader. He fe...
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TomTord/ TordTom OneShots [REQUESTS OPEN] by ArigonAll
TomTord/ TordTom OneShots [ Arigon All
Well Since this book is cringy as literal fuck, I'll just got out there and say that to me, Tomtord and Tordtom are the exact thing. This is my opinion. They are both To...
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Lets Take Over The World~! (TomTord) by JustAnAuthor123
Lets Take Over The World~! ( JustAnAuthor123
{finished} Tom, Edd, and Matt were affected by Tord and his robot, but weren't too affected. Tom just had trouble trusting people and had some anxiety. Edd didn't like t...
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TomTord-Tordtom Oneshots 2 by Narkoma_
TomTord-Tordtom Oneshots 2by Igloo
Cover by me (check out my instagram lol @anbeeo) I'm updating whenever the heck I want >:( second part to my previous oneshot book There will be more mature language...
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💙♥️Eddsworld Oneshots💜💚 by ChipIDK
💙♥️Eddsworld Oneshots💜💚by Chip
I will do ALLL requests!! Smut, sad stuff and separate works!!
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