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Tord x Tom, Suicidal by vfarnum
Tord x Tom, Suicidalby 20H Delirium
When Tord pushes Tom's limit, what will Tom do? Will Tom forgive him? Will Tom hate him forever? Or will Tom's heart be stolen from someone else? Read and find out!
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My Dearest Leader by Laughinglikenidiot
My Dearest Leaderby stupidprofile
Tom is a leader that leads hundreds and hundreds of soldiers while he always keeps up with the charades of eight handsome men who's names are Todd,Tord,Edd,Matt,Jack,Jos...
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Something I've Never Said [TomEdd/EddTom Story] by LiteGre3n
Something I've Never Said [ LiteGre3n
[[So this is my first fanfic, and I'm also on mobile. Oh boy. Feel free to add suggestions, error fixes and requests. Please be patient, too!]] - Tom had always had feel...
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Eddsworld Oneshots by Luminous_Anarath
Eddsworld Oneshotsby dead
Some smut, some fluff, a little bit of lemon and a whole bucket ton of gay. Short stories and requests based around gay shippings of Eddsworld! {Requests are OPEN} //Lu...
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Eddsworld oneshots by Mellekelle
Eddsworld oneshotsby Cunt
I write shit
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Dandelions (TomEdd) by pastelcaramelPL
Dandelions (TomEdd)by pastelcaramelPL
Tom's the newest addition to the subdivision of Prairie Meadows. He meets Edd, a stout, outgoing, and cheerful young man who decides to greet him with cookies. A peacefu...
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my Eddsworld comics!  by JasmineEwing1234
my Eddsworld comics! by Just Some Crazy Kid
its just some comics i did. mostly tomxedd (tomedd) with tordxedd (tordedd) every once in a while. but yeah! i may make an Eddsworld story sometime in the future but...
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eddsworld one shots //REQUESTS OPEN// by Your_New_Mom
eddsworld one shots //REQUESTS Your_New_Mom
Just a group of one shots I end up thinking of in math class. There also really boring. I'm also taking requests
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Eddsworld Lemons(Comeplete) by devilish_lee
Eddsworld Lemons(Comeplete)by leeland
WARNING!!! this has mature content that might not be suitable for some viewers A book of Eddsworld, ships and sins and very little fluffs. This book has ended so no req...
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Siderodromophobia (TomEdd) by Despafleeto
Siderodromophobia (TomEdd)by Peewee Sherman
Siderodromophobia is the fear/phobia of trains. Most people may not experience this, but Trains may be a trigger for claustrophobia, social phobia, or germ phobia. But i...
Traitorous Love by angsty_fanfics
Traitorous Loveby fanfic_writer
This is kinda based off of the Crisis AU! The Red Army runs the world now, and no one dare defies Tord. Tom is Tord's second in command. Edd is the leader of the rebelli...
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Eddsworld One-Shots - Requests Closed! by DamagedEcho
Eddsworld One-Shots - Requests Dongus57
*Cover art by me! [Instaccount: dongus57] *Requests Closed!
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Fear (TordTom) by redfriess
Fear (TordTom)by red
(oof) Tom is a normal guy hanging with his normal friends. At least, that's what he wants them to believe. Due to his "unique" appearance, he was tested on af...
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Eddsworld Stories (mostly Tom oneshot) by _sad_pineapples_
Eddsworld Stories (mostly Tom Pick me up Im scared
This is my very first book, I'm really sorry if it's not good, this book contains fluff, lime/lemon, and smut. I hope you guys enjoy my book
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eddsworld picture book(+oneshots) by TordleLeGayBitch
eddsworld picture book(+oneshots)by Ellsworld Lover
all credits goes to their respective owners/artists might as well add my art too there will be sin but I'll put a warning before it :3 Ships will be there but mostly tom...
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Ask or Dare My Eddsworld AU  by DamagedEcho
Ask or Dare My Eddsworld AU by Dongus57
*Cover drawn by me! *AU is basically just a bunch of headcannons. *TomEdd, TordMatt, and Paultryk are in this universe!
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Death of Love by Laughinglikenidiot
Death of Loveby stupidprofile
After Edd and Matt saved Tom from the red army Tord became very aggressive,He made his army bigger and tougher every single month.Every day he will capture every single...
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Lovable Abuse - A TomEdd Story ✔️ by JurassicAlex
Lovable Abuse - A TomEdd Story ✔️by ♥️•••Alex•••♥️
Life for Edd has never been great, or good for that matter. Parents who hate him, ignorant friends, toxic peers ... yeah, he has it rough. Yet one day, he runs into some...
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Green and Blue (TomEdd) by Tomedd1543
Green and Blue (TomEdd)by I'm Inactive
Tom is typically a drunk, chill guy who hates everything, except for his shoes and his mf guitar, srsly. wtf. and his roomate, Edd loves Cola, does'nt appreciate Toms at...
Hold My Hand - TomEdd by -alexander-c-
Hold My Hand - TomEddby 《space boy》
Tom likes Edd Tord likes Edd Matt likes Matt and now Tom has to try and win Edd's heart before Tord does.