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Pitch Black (Tomtord) by satiresalt
Pitch Black (Tomtord)by ✨King Explosion Murder✨
The missile missed Tom. The explosion did not. Now his eyesight matched his eyes. Now all he does is sit in his room listening to music and thinking. But what if a cert...
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Possessed by LittleNorskiTord
Possessedby Tord
It was a typical day in the Eddsworld household, or so it seemed. Tom is possessed, and it doesn't bode well for a certain someone... Enjoy.
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Tord x Reader by Blub_twenty12
Tord x Readerby Blub_twenty12
(Y/N) has been kicked out of her parents house and now has to move in with her brother, Matt, and his friends. Everything went down hill when she started developing feel...
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Glasses by Etherial_28
Glassesby Matt
A TomTord fanfic! Takes place somewhere between The End and The Future Boys' appearance in WTFuture. After resuming their "friendship", Tord takes Tom to his...
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Paper Face Boy - {TOMTORD} by saltytearsokay
Paper Face Boy - {TOMTORD}by ♥ Salty ♥
Tom, a new kid at school, is deaf. He tries to stay unnoticed. Tord doesn't need or have to try to be noticed; he's known to be very popular in his school. He is the so...
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Mirror, Mirror (Eddsworld x reader)  by Lavenderttea
Mirror, Mirror (Eddsworld x Acacia
(Y/n) accidentally travels from the real world to eddsworld, where she finds that her favorite characters really exist. [Viewer discretion is advised for: strong languag...
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Dear Daughter [TomTord] by BlueCipher0
Dear Daughter [TomTord]by Blue Leader
It's been 16 years since Tom's fateful decision. Tika is in the care of the Rebellion Base with her two favorite, awesome uncles. She grew up not knowing who her real pa...
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The Red Army- Tomtord by aggressiveplant
The Red Army- Tomtordby AngryTree
Hey, this is based in an alternate universe where Edd, Matt and Tom are friends, but they don't know Tord. They accidentally find the Red Army base and end up on a whole...
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Oh Brother! by I_Hate_Everything325
Oh Brother!by I_Hate_Everything325
You move in with your brother Edd because your parents were always out doing whatever, and when they came back you were abused. You were also an undercover cop who was w...
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EddsWorld OneShots Book#1 [Requests ᎾᎮᏋᏁ] by Gam1ngGh0st0
EddsWorld OneShots Book#1 [ ᏩᏥᎾᎦᎿ
EddsWorld OneShots are here! [Requests ᎾᎮᏋᏁ] *Updates: Sometimes Slow/Sometimes Fast* Highest Ranking(s): #10 EddsWorld #12 Edd #21 Matt #1 Bing #143 OneShots #26 Paul #...
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dearest alpha (tomtord omegaverse & soulmate au) by endercat4753
dearest alpha (tomtord william alxander allain
((the characters look like the title photo)) tom a small omega tord a tall muscular alpha they never got alone growing up together and of course never thought they coul...
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New Kid In Town by __mattssworld__
New Kid In Townby __mattssworld__
A new kid just showed up one day. He had a thick accent and never seemed to listen to the teacher.. EVER. He would even smoke in class. What the hell happened to this to...
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Sinsworld pics n shit 18+ by rabidartist
Sinsworld pics n shit 18+by rabidartist
This is sinsworld pics so its a lot of 18+ pics. Mostly just Tomtord Eddmatt Paultryk etc.
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Eddsworld X Reader Oneshots by Sayla_Kydney666
Eddsworld X Reader Oneshotsby Drunk on Writing
A collection of oneshots featuring Tord, the cold blooded Norwegian bastard of Eddsworld, Tom, the sarcastic drunk, Matt, the ginger cutie, Edd, the coke lover, and many...
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Tord x Reader by ShadowCringe
Tord x Readerby Cringe Master ?
The room was dimly lit, just enough to slightly see him. "Friends are something that's meant to be lost" he grumbled. "What about Tom? Matt? Edd?! They a...
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Eddsworld X Reader by Syst3m_3rror
Eddsworld X Readerby SystemError
When you wake up one morning to find your parents fighting, you know your life is gonna suck from there on out, that is, unless your Y/n. They get taken in by four kind...
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Eddsworld x Reader Oneshots ~NOT TAKING REQUESTS~ by Issgo137
Eddsworld x Reader Oneshots ~NOT Issgo
I won't update very often, I only update on the Holidays and the weekend. I made this because I personally read them and I decided to give it a go (Cause why not???). No...
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Magical Girl and her Four Daddies: Eddsworld x Child!Reader Fanfic by coolnachos123
Magical Girl and her Four Wut
You were a six year old girl with magical powers that many people thought you were evil of having them. Your parents sent you to a mean orphanage where everybody's mean...
  • matt
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ASK EDDSWORLD 2! by HennyCake
ASK EDDSWORLD 2!by HennyCake
Welcome, to the second book of ASK EDDSWORLD! Ask anything you like, (dont be inappropriate though X3) and try to be as creative, imaginative as you can! Go on a silly a...
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TomTord Smutshots by norskipop
TomTord Smutshotsby miss cutie communism
KINKY SHIT Read this if you like smut, or not. :)
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