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Strawberry Panic {TomTord} by god-wont-answer
Strawberry Panic {TomTord}by Time is fake and you are valid
Tom wasn't good at a lot of things; keeping friends, being nice, staying sober? Nah, forget it. But dressing up and pretending to be a girl? Now that might be something...
Tord X Reader by ItsTotalyBlue
Tord X Readerby ItsTotalyBlue
Your Toms Twin. No eyes and everything. Your living in across the street from everyone. Also the End never happened, possibly never will? I don't know. Anyway, enjoy!
In The Middle of Everything by DorashyGames
In The Middle of Everythingby Dorashy Games
You and Edd were really good friends until you moved away when you started high school. A few years later, you got into a college in London, but you have nowhere to stay...
you again? | tord x reader by kauhle
you again? | tord x readerby shark
Death and fear was all that surrounded you while you were in the blue army, as their leader, you had all the hopes and dreams of your soldiers on your back. You couldn't...
tordmatt + tomedd one shots // fluff and smut by mumptydumpty
tordmatt + tomedd one shots // flu...by mumptydumpty
Read it bitch (it's not very good for a majority of the time but like get over it)
Tord X Reader X Tom { Love triangle } by _CookiePanda_
Tord X Reader X Tom { Love triangl...by cookie-chan
you decide to move in with your old buddy's Edd, Matt, Tord and Tom , every since you moved in there ,lately Both of them have been acting strange towards you ,and heari...
The new neighbor  (Tom x reader) by Robin_The_Hufflepuff
The new neighbor (Tom x reader)by Dumbass
You move in to a new house, you meet great neighbors and become very close to them. But the one in the blue hoodie catches your attention. New friends, new adventures, n...
Eddsworld x child reader oneshots by LuciferDevilDemon
Eddsworld x child reader oneshotsby Idon’treallycare
Well, in this Fan-Fiction you meet the Eddsworld character and more. But most will be more supernatural 'cause I can do this. The picture isn't mine. I will update every...
Why Me? |EDDSWORLD X READER |FF| H...by TomatoKlutz
« The Best Thing I ever did was that I met you. » « The Best Thing I never did was that I never left you and that I'm still with you. » (Y/N) (L/N). Born wealthy, raised...
Eduardo x Jon Story by 8MelancholicEntity8
Eduardo x Jon Storyby 8MelancholicEntity8
After Jon is hit with the missile, he wakes up in the hospital. To his dismay, nothing changes, Mark still worries and Eduardo's still a dick. Yet at night, when Eduardo...
Cat Eyes || Tomtord by Smugegg
Cat Eyes || Tomtordby Smugegg
~After the end~ Tom drank heavily in "celebration" of shooting Tord with a harpoon. Unfortunately, he overdosed and died. The afterlife wasn't what he thought...
Tomtord/Tordtom Pics by ketchupmep
Tomtord/Tordtom Picsby Ketchup
INSOMNIAC||•Tomtord  by onionlion
INSOMNIAC||•Tomtord by onionlion
Tord is an insomniac with his late night terrors that keeps him up late, and when Tom accidentally finds out about this, he decides to help Tord out. After all, they're...
Eddsworld X Reader (Scenarios/imagines) And Regular Chapters  by Borger_Goddess
Eddsworld X Reader (Scenarios/imag...by People Hate Me.
I do lemons, fluff, angst, smut, lime, etc. you can request aus for instance: -zombie au -opposite day -highschool au -future -genderswap (Matilda, Tori, Tamara, Ell, E...
"All For War And Love" Yandere Red Leader (Tord) x Female reader by rainbowcart
"All For War And Love" Yandere Red...by rainbowcart
Y/n has been best friends with Tom, Matt, and Edd since you guys were children. You all live together at Edd's house and have had many adventures together as an unstoppa...
Tainted Tord x Reader by Ein_Durcheinander27
Tainted Tord x Readerby Sky Yuliana
You are the leader of the Black Army and have been ambushed by the Red Army. You manage to beat them but before you actually can claim the glory, you were kidnapped. Mom...
[Eddsworld] Love and War. (Tord x Reader) by TheDeflectiveLlama
[Eddsworld] Love and War. (Tord x...by TheDeflectiveLlama
You've known Edd, Matt and Tom for a good few years now, being one of their good neighbors in the UK, however, you come across a familiar face. All is not what he seems...
He's back - Tomtord - by LakenIsTired
He's back - Tomtord -by toby/laken
Tord, Paul and Patryck are on their way back to Norway when Tord realizes how much he misses the Gang, He tells Paul and Pat and they take him back. He texts Edd saying...
Tord X Reader oneshots by WIOILIF
Tord X Reader oneshotsby Disgusting
(This Book is intended to be gender neutral, anyone can read.) Just something I could possibly use to distress from school and all that bullshit. Feel free to request o...
♡|Nora tomtord experiment child|♡(comic) by mixxgirll
♡|Nora tomtord experiment child|♡(...by mixxgirll
what if tom and tord have a child? what if this "child" is half monster and has never seen the outside before because she's a experiment? comic made by: me (@...