What the future holds... {future TomTord} (completed) by coolema12
What the future holds... {future ScientificLubeFacts
Tom was never happy about the fact he worked for him... But he had to, otherwise he would be shot dead. He wasn't the cleanest record in Tords amry which is why he was h...
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For Edd❤️ (Tom x Tord; Eddsworld Fanfic!) by AshantiFNaF
For Edd❤️ (Tom x Tord; Eddsworld Ashy
[TOM X TORD 4 LIFE!!!] [EDDSWORLD SHIPPING FANFICTION] Tom and Tord never got along, but when Edd and Matt was gone for a day, and Edd want them to be friends when he ge...
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Tom x Tord SMUT 18+ by CrazedFanfic
Tom x Tord SMUT 18+by Crazies ~
So if you are not 18 or over I would exit now unless you wanna be scarred for life. Also just putting it out there, there will most likely be some grammar mistakes so pl...
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saltines and capri-suns {tomtord} by SpoopyTree
saltines and capri-suns {tomtord}by lol i hate myself
tord has been diagnosed with depression and goes to stupid therapy every single day. he barely sees colors anymore, everything seems like it's in black and white. the on...
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short sweet tomtord oneshot by commie_tommie
short sweet tomtord oneshotby Tom
Gey Super gay Will contain sin Enjoy!!
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Walls | TomTord by YukiDandere
Walls | TomTordby serious sheep pillows..
Two emotional wrecks who argue like teenage girls; a clad in blue, calm as the ocean yet still storms his cries and the clad in red who chose betrayal, the one who overt...
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Paper Face Boy - {TOMTORD} by saltytearsokay
Paper Face Boy - {TOMTORD}by ♥ Salty ♥
Tom, a new kid at school, is deaf. He tries to stay unnoticed. Tord doesn't need or have to try to be noticed; he's known to be very popular in his school. He is the so...
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dear starboy : TomTord neighbour au by saltiestblueberry
dear starboy : TomTord neighbour auby Spread your wings
tom is an introvert. a blank sheet. tord is an enigma. a mystery. what happens when the two become neighbours? pastel!tord x tom beautiful cover by @spoopy.tord on in...
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Tomtord Yaoi [WARNING SIN] by woopupper
Tomtord Yaoi [WARNING SIN]by woopupper
(DON'T READ THE BOOK IF YOU DON'T LIKE BOY X BOY!) The name says it all! mainly one shots from different AU's and pictures~ ❤💙 (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚ skedaddle skedoodle you...
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TomTord Oneshots by SwearOnMySoul
TomTord Oneshotsby Swears
Read the title, seriously. This is my otp, so yeah. There will be au's and scenarios. oh, and there may be a little EddMatt and Paultryk. I only ship the characters, NOT...
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Possessed by LittleNorskiTord
Possessedby Tord
It was a typical day in the Eddsworld household, or so it seemed. Tom is possessed, and it doesn't bode well for a certain someone... Enjoy.
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Tomtord / Tordtom oneshots [ FLUFF ] by Blue-Toffee
Tomtord / Tordtom oneshots [ choke me
Yea Basically shit :)
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  • submissivetom
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Yaoi Picture Book by ghostotakuexe45
Yaoi Picture Bookby Ghost
Yaoi pictures and comics of ships. There's always room for improvement so feel free to give me suggestions. [Sin warning] {all credit to artists}
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Who are you? (TomTord) by Sweety1635
Who are you? (TomTord)by Sweety Cake 1635
(After The End) Tord woke up on the hill, his head hurting. He was just laying on the ground in pain coming from his face and his arm. He found out he couldn't see out o...
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EddsWorld X Teen! Reader by GayEddsWorldFreak
EddsWorld X Teen! Readerby Matt 2.0
You are a 14 year old teen who has moved in with the EddsWorld family. While living there you slowly begin to learn there secrets. But then one day everything goes insan...
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TomTord Oneshots (Author is on a Semi-Hiatus) by etoile_fr
TomTord Oneshots (Author is on a newborn étoile
i ship this so much~ i hope you all like oneshots cus uR GONNA GET SOME- okay so... the main kind of ship in here will be dom tord and sub tom. pretty much tordtom, but...
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Wanderlust by mapleuaf
Wanderlustby Meenah
Tom a semi quiet person who keeps to himself and doesn't like to go out much. Tord an adventurousness outsider who is very social and fun to be around. ✨HighSchool au✨ ...
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death hotline (tomtord) by altneighbourhood
death hotline (tomtord)by R.V
tom deems his life is at an end, but is still hopeful. he turns to the suicide hotline for help, but accidently falls in love with the hotliner. does the hotliner feel...
  • suicidal
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Eddsworld one shots (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED) by xsleepystreet
Eddsworld one shots (REQUESTS Adrian
well hello you meme loving fucks have some shitty oneshots and skip the first one it's garbage as shit
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Eddsworld  Oneshots & memes! by FyujiThePhan
Eddsworld Oneshots & memes!by Sin? Sin! Sin.
This book is like- Trash. Yep. I only write my OTPs and requests bcuz I'm trash. Opts: MattTord EddMatt TomTord EduardJon TomJon Poppet POLYAMORY ALL
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