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The Boy In Blue (TordTom) by Idowhatido432
The Boy In Blue (TordTom)by Fanfiction
(UPDATED DAILY) TW: SMUT / BLOOD Tom: Submissive Tord: Dominant An AU where Tord is a YouTuber, and he finds challenges in introducing his friends, and love along the wa...
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Last To Fall. by MegaPeachPineapple
Last To MegaPeach!
(TomTord) Finally, all he could have ever hoped for was in his hands, everything was perfect. Yet, is anyone ever truly happy as the King of a land bound by isolation?
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A Future War ~  Future Au TomTord Eddsworld FanFiction by Fangirl-9-1-1
A Future War ~ Future Au Fangirl-9-1-1
Tom wakes up in a strange room unable to move and with no memory. Waking up in this confused haze surrounded by interesting characters as he discovers the events that le...
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Silver Eyes {TordTom} by NastyPaech
Silver Eyes {TordTom}by Maroon_Macarons
After getting lost in an alley, Tom was attacked. A mysterious creature appears, saving Tom. This creature has a distinct feature to Tom, the silver eyes. Tom notices To...
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Immortality/ Immortalidad (TomTord) by HailJimPickens
Immortality/ Immortalidad (TomTord)by Helmo
English~ My first TomTord book and I actually created this AU Tom and Edd have been living since the Ancient Egyptian times. The two brothers were Kings and Princes with...
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Moonstruck ; Tomtord  by Neko_Jenna
Moonstruck ; Tomtord by Jenna 💕
Sequel to Disappearing Act - An unstable psychopath is nothing without his victim. His crown jewel. His everything. So naturally, red leader would do anything to keep hi...
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Dear Fuckboi: A TomTord Satire by CommanderEgg
Dear Fuckboi: A TomTord Satireby Egg Army
Tom is a fucking idiot. Tord is too. What happens when they both want to die? I hate Dear Starboy, so here's my (improved) take on the tragic tale. Wonderful cover art b...
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TomTord Smut Shotz! by MegaPeachPineapple
TomTord Smut Shotz!by MegaPeach!
This will be a shit ton of smut shots featuring the one and only TOMTORD!!! Who will top and who will bottom is somthing that will change quite frequently cause I like b...
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Stay alive for me (TordTom) by tenura
Stay alive for me (TordTom)by i like Tordles
Streets cracked, buildings crumbled with no other person in sight. It's been 3 weeks since the bombing, and Tom had been alone for the entire time. But of course, Tom is...
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Truth or dare~ -tordtom- by Eddworldships1tom1
Truth or dare~ -tordtom-by Eddworldships1tom1
WARNING: There is sin! Dom-tord x sub-tom. Slight abuse/bullying. Sensitive subjects. You have been warned. Cussing, violence and a little self harm.
Tordtom sin (request) by NghaHong950
Tordtom sin (request)by JeffayMorello
ONLY BOTTOM TOM! DON'T ASK ME FOR BOTTOM TORD!!!!! this is my first book so it's not so good le- pls request
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Forever Soulmates by Commie_Bluee
Forever Soulmatesby “This Is Fine”
(Soulmate AU) Unlike most people when they turn eighteen, Tom never met his soulmate. Tom has always tried to contact him through writing on his arm, but they never repl...
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Hunger (Monster!Tom) by patchipikatrash
Hunger (Monster!Tom)by ☭A.K.’s Parental☭
this shit be completed (May 18, 2019) might have tomtord/tordtom? idk -------------------------- Tom starts to experience flashes of memories while he was drunk when Tor...
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TomTord oneshots ~Fluff by ZyberCyber
TomTord oneshots ~Fluffby ZyZy
TomTord oneshots (i made the book cover oof) - REQUESTS OPEN! No smut though! - Only sub Tom x dom Tord srry oof - Kinda making this for writing improvements I'd apprec...
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Why love me..? ( TomTord ) by 0_Blake_0
Why love me..? ( TomTord )by *Blake*
Tom is a depressed bean after the accident with the giant robot and Tord comes back trying to help him, however, Tom becomes more suicidal and out of control... Will Tor...
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Army Invasion  by star_girl_xx
Army Invasion by star_girl_xx
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TordTom [Eddsworld] Oneshots  by 1-800-COMMUNISM
TordTom [Eddsworld] Oneshots by I'm dying lmao
Sup you gays, how u doin'? 👀 This is a lame oneshot book based around my OTP, Tordtom uwu 💕 Tommy is a bottom and Tordle is a top, so uhhh dont read this if you like t...
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*RE-MAKE* Under My Control (A TordTom Story) by I_Forget_Passwords
*RE-MAKE* Under My Control (A 私の心が痛いです
RE-MAKE! This is a TordTom story so.....anybody that needs my book already knows this won't be innocent ^^^THE ART COVER IS NOT MINE^^^
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Don't Touch Me. by TotallyFries
Don't Touch TotallyFries
Tom wakes to find himself chained to a wall. In a confused state he quickly comes to the realization that he had been taken prisoner by none other than the Red Leader hi...
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Tomtord/TordTom Oneshots (Fluff//Angst//Lime) by ThatOneCommie
Tomtord/TordTom Oneshots (Fluff// ThatOneCommie
i cant write but lets do this aNYwaY >:D This oneshit book isnt just Tomtord/TordTom, just m o s t l y. Yes, I shall do Matt x Matt. Or Matt x Mirror. Or whatever Im...
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