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Mixed Emotions (Tordtom) by zyzeestories
Mixed Emotions (Tordtom)by zyzeestories
Years of trust crushed in one day, their friendship became like his torn off sleeve. He starved for more answers than questions, but only alcohol answered. An acid sip e...
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STUCK (TordTom) by MjelikART
STUCK (TordTom)by Bad Coffee
Tom and Tord had been broken up for 3 years, It has been good really. No communication what so ever. But the memory of Tord breaking up with Tom was still very clear to...
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Pitch Black (Tomtord) by satiresalt
Pitch Black (Tomtord)by disgruntled nut
The missile missed Tom. The explosion did not. Now his eyesight matched his eyes. Now all he does is sit in his room listening to music and thinking. But what if a cert...
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"if only.." TordTom highschool au by SmolAlexBean
"if only.." TordTom highschool auby A Fucking Flower
why are all my writings sad?! this is and highschool au, Tom lives with his abusive step dad Tord's parents are Pat & Pau Edd lives with his mom and two sisters Marcy...
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Pain | Tordtom by Elisha_Guylaine
Pain | Tordtomby TordTom|TomTord
Ok so I gave up on the description for this story but it's at least something- Tord comes back from the Army to see his "old friends" again. Of course, Tom is...
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No Fear by Commie_Bluee
No Fearby “This Is Fine”
Growing up Tord always tried to make Tom cower in fear, but Tom was never afraid of Tord to even show a response to his attempts to scare him. It started when they were...
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1 More Chance by Commie_Bluee
1 More Chanceby “This Is Fine”
Tord comes back AGAIN to the good old original Eddsworld crew, not for friendship, but for something to help him later in his plan for world domination. (This Book Has M...
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Yes Sir - (TordTom) by Idowhatido432
Yes Sir - (TordTom)by Fanfiction
(ONGOING) (UPDATED EVERYDAY) "Detention, Lieutenant, Lover." Tom: Submissive Tord: Dominant TW: MAJOR NSFW / MINOR GORE Cover Art By: Angsty Owl (tumblr)
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Paper Face Boy - {TOMTORD} by saltytearsokay
Paper Face Boy - {TOMTORD}by Lmao bye
Lmao don't read this plz. (The cover art was created by Squid and Pikadoodlz on amino! ❤️)
Father~Figure by Shipping-Chan
Father~Figureby Sean-Chan
This is a Dad AU,Obviously its TomTord...Enjoy~
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TomTord-Tordtom Oneshots 2 by Narkoma_
TomTord-Tordtom Oneshots 2by Igloo
Cover by me (check out my instagram lol @anbeeo) I'm updating whenever the heck I want >:( second part to my previous oneshot book There will be more mature language...
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What the future holds... {future TomTord} (completed) by coolema12
What the future holds... {future ScientificLubeFacts
Tom was never happy about the fact he worked for him... But he had to, otherwise he would be shot dead. He wasn't the cleanest record in Tords amry which is why he was h...
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Cold Blood (Tomtord) by angsty_fanfics
Cold Blood (Tomtord)by fanfic_writer
Tord is the leader of one of the biggest mafias. Lately, there has been an assassin (Tom) going around killing mafias, and Tord got assigned to kill him. Tord and Tom li...
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The Devils Charm~TomTord by piener
The Devils Charm~TomTordby 🍽🦷
((Edd,Matt and Tom never met Tord)) In a society full of Demons and Angels three angels live together in one house hold, until one angel, Edd, finds an old friend from h...
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His Favorite [TomTord] by BlueCipher0
His Favorite [TomTord]by Blue Leader
The Red Army has made their move years ago, War raged throughout the world against them. Nothing worked with the combined government powers. They were useless. The Red A...
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Jealousy {TordTom/TomTord story} by thatLametOm
Jealousy {TordTom/TomTord story}by Areh
《Slowburn》 It's been 5 months since 'The End'. Tord leaves Red Army and tries to get his friends' trust again. When he comes back, Norwegian gives a lot of his attentio...
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TordTom mini stories by tenura
TordTom mini storiesby i like Tordles
Lemme explain the concept of this 'mini story' I call it the 4-6 challenge. Every chapter is 400-600 words, 4-6 chapters. A mini story based on one small idea. Let's do...
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Tom Tord(neko tord, Monster Tom) Eddsworld Omegaverse   by MiguelDuran109
Tom Tord(neko tord, Monster Tom) Miguel Duran
This story is after The End where Tom,Edd,Matt little did they know a red male was standing outside the shop waiting. Edd and Matt are worried for Tord. Tord never told...
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Mirrors [TomTord/TordTom] by JinxyTwinxyDoo
Mirrors [TomTord/TordTom]by Jonx
"Tom." "Tord." Imagine yourself in a snowy forest. Where the wind whirls snow up into the air, and icy winds nip at your skin like mosquitos. A barre...
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The Prince's Peasant {TomTord Royalty AU} by -PrinceTom-
The Prince's Peasant {TomTord ★⋆քʀɨռƈɛ ṭօʍ⋆★
He was perfect. Everything Tom ever wanted and imagined. But he was a peasant. {Story inspired by @saltiestblueberry} {Characters belong to Eddsworld}
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