The Gangleader's Girl by The1andonly7
The Gangleader's Girl by ImaginaryMary
"Dang, she's hot, look at her body." "Dude, don't you know?" "Know what? That I wanna tap that? Of course!" "No bro, that she's The G...
  • gangleader
  • bookworm
  • dirty
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The Bookworm meets the Prince by Bookworm2293
The Bookworm meets the Prince by Vanya Klarika
Rumor has it that the Crown Prince of Sarconia is in town, but nobody really knows if this is just a rumor or a fact. So when bookworm Lizzie Donalds spends more time in...
  • king
  • fiance
  • prince
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The Cell Phone Swap by DoNotMicrowave
The Cell Phone Swap by Lindsey Summers
Keeley accidentally swaps cell phones with a rivaling high school's star quarterback. Unable to switch back until a week later, she must interact with the arrogant boy...
  • bookworm
  • twins
  • bestfriends
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The BadBoy screams trouble!  by kittykatkat227
The BadBoy screams trouble! by Katloveschocolate
Sick of all BadBoy cliches? This ones slightly different 😉. Dear Josh, (crossed out) Dear Rebecca, I love you. Tell Josh that I love him and I always will. Thanks for...
  • couple
  • wattys2017
  • lovetriangle
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Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl) by Vazzulisa
Miss Bookworm (GirlxGirl) by Vaz
(GXG) Jessica Francis is your typical nerd, a top student. You will often see her with her books. The only difference is that she's not hated nor bullied for what she is...
  • bookworm
  • lesbian
  • girls
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The Jock's Blackmail by awkward_tumbleweed
The Jock's Blackmail by 》 D G 《
Unknown Number: Well you gotta give me something! Hell, anything! You can't just dangle this in front of me for the rest of my life! Me: I wasn't planning on it... Unkno...
  • highschool
  • kiss
  • dialogue
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A New Light by VelvetRoseX
A New Light by VelvetRoseX
I was a innocent girl, till the world betrayed me. Loyalty? That means nothing to anyone. Kiss up to the mighty. Sneer at the weak. Kill the strong. Aliria is g...
  • reincarnation
  • rebirth
  • prodigy
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Mason(Bwwm) by bubblesbear
Mason(Bwwm) by bubblesbear
This book starts off a little slow but it will get better hopefully.
  • whiteboy
  • blackgirl
  • football
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Book Quotes by plusdanshiii
Book Quotes by zzz
The best quotes from the best books. [I don't own the quotes or the books. Copyrights go to the authors.] [May contain spoilers] Cover: by Ekaterina Panikanova
  • book
  • quotes
  • fandom
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Between Two Girls by Blake_is_Awesome
Between Two Girls by Blake
Highest Ranking: #189 in Teen Fiction Meet Paige, a bookworm with voices named Emery and Juli in her head. Meet Lucy, the popular girl Paige has a crush on. At some poin...
  • gxg
  • lesbian
  • lgbt
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I should care because? by rowaneve
I should care because? by rowaneve
This is about a girl who was reincarnated as the villainess in an otome game. But she doesn't care, at all. Shall we coninue to ignore the heroine and her love interest?
  • bookworm
  • reincarnation
  • otomegame
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The Daughter of Artemis by Bookworm1429
The Daughter of Artemis by Yaoi!!! on Ice
She's a Half-Blood no doubt. Amanda has had a weird life. Monster like things chase her, she has odd desires, and feel drawn to the sky. When she is brought to Camp...
  • gods
  • fantasy
  • demigod
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I'm the Bad Boy's Sweetheart (Completed!) by countrygirlG
I'm the Bad Boy's Sweetheart (Comp... by countrygirlG
When Adriana Layman first saw Jake Collins in freshman year it was love at first sight. Now its senior year and Adriana realizes she might leave high school without her...
  • rich
  • humor
  • highschool
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Where Life Takes Us by Alexandra_Miraples
Where Life Takes Us by Alex
She was the one who timidly hid alone in the back of the library, her nose buried in countless books. He was the one who was surrounded by heaps of fellow students, mind...
  • youngadultreads
  • lovestory
  • growingup
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Long Live The Queen (GxG) by QuirkyUnicorn
Long Live The Queen (GxG) by Abby :3
She's an elven serving girl that gets called to the castle to study etiquette under the teachings of the royal advisor Scarlet by her generous master Richmond. Little di...
  • love
  • servant
  • evilqueen
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Cowboy Bad Boy [Cowboy Protector 4] by worldreader18
Cowboy Bad Boy [Cowboy Protector 4] by Lizzy Paige
Dani Savage is a sweet, sassy bookworm. Working in her Mama Kylie's bookshop she is happy but only one thing is missing, love. She reads so many romance novels and watch...
  • smalltown
  • love
  • cain
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That Perfect Someone by lazyakabookworm
That Perfect Someone by book.worm
RK and Madhu have been craving for love all their live. Fate intervenes and brings them together by getting them engaged to each other so their cousins can marry. Cover...
  • rishabala
  • love
  • story
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It's In His Kiss by lazyakabookworm
It's In His Kiss by book.worm
After she was jilted two weeks before her marriage, Madhubala is back in India with Sultan and Sahasra after her 5 long years of exile, hoping that her past is what it i...
  • lazy
  • kiss
  • its
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The Nerd he didn't Notice. by mavis2303
The Nerd he didn't Notice. by meher khateeb
Maya Williams is a sarcastic 16 year old indian nerd, who is often found either dug up in her books or in front of her tv wearing her pajamas. She doesn't care about any...
  • seniorlove
  • bookworm
  • coolnerd
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The Bookworm | ✔️ by KimberlyWritesBooks
The Bookworm | ✔️ by Kimberly Diehl
WARNING: Book ahead is pretty cliche and my first work on here. It's got plot holes and a main character you might want to beat with a stick. Be gentle lol * ****** In...
  • good
  • boy
  • fiction
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