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I'm the Bad Boy's Sweetheart (Completed!) by countrygirlG
I'm the Bad Boy's Sweetheart ( countrygirlG
When Adriana Layman first saw Jake Collins in freshman year it was love at first sight. Now its senior year and Adriana realizes she might leave high school without her...
  • bookworm
  • wattys2015
  • nerd
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Our Corner of the Universe by fragile-nightmare
Our Corner of the Universeby fragile-nightmare
Melanie Anderson's specialty was going unnoticed. She was perfectly happy hiding away at the library for the next four years, exchanging her troubling past for the imagi...
  • teen
  • fratboy
  • popular
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The Bookworm meets the Prince by Bookworm2293
The Bookworm meets the Princeby Vanya Klarika
Rumor has it that the Crown Prince of Sarconia is in town, but nobody really knows if this is just a rumor or a fact. So when bookworm Lizzie Donalds spends more time in...
  • princess
  • prince
  • king
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Between Two Girls by Blake_is_Awesome
Between Two Girlsby Blake
Meet Paige, a bookworm with voices named Emery and Juli in her head. Meet Lucy, the popular girl Paige has a crush on. At some point, Paige has revealed a little of Lucy...
  • lesbian
  • romance
  • voices
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Eve The Soul Reaper by Leoscore
Eve The Soul Reaperby Leonard Clifton
After the Queen of the Fairies is murdered by an ancient enemy. Raven, the Fairy Warrior rushes to the small town of Wonderwood to check on, Eve Summers. The dead queen'...
  • firstlove
  • gothicnovel
  • lgbt
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Did you know?//Random facts book  by mairlovestoread
Did you know?//Random facts book by mairlovestoread
a book of random and interesting facts about different things. Every page is a different thing that you get facts about. hope you enjoy. Updates every Sunday #2 factual...
  • factual
  • bookworm
  • random
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Rogue King's Mate [BoyxBoy] by imtotallynotokay
Rogue King's Mate [BoyxBoy]by アシュトン
Iris is a shy guy with a broken home. He sits in the corner in class and keeps to himself. Always trying to be hidden from the world. What happens when his mate, who hap...
  • wattys2017
  • mxm
  • bookworm
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Heat Wave by SensGirl
Heat Waveby SensGirl
Summer...when skin is darker, hair is lighter and boys are cuter. For Karissa, summer is the time to catch up on her favourite books, stay inside and hangout with her c...
  • fiction
  • shy
  • bookworm
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My last summer with you by Drumboy16
My last summer with youby craycray
Greyalee Dustill has always considered herself lucky. Lucky with school, friends and family. Lucky with having an amazing mom and a wonderful dad. Lucky that she has su...
  • texting
  • hate
  • bookworm
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"Marry me, Kiyaan"  by oneimaginator
"Marry me, Kiyaan" by oneimaginator
"Marry me, Kiyaan." an echoing voice came in the empty swimming pool area. I looked up to see who the owner of that voice was. She had the most unfamiliar face...
  • love
  • arrogant
  • marriage
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When by Not_Just_A_Dreamer
Whenby Kendra Morse
"So when did you and Daniel become friends?" Skylar asked hanging upside down from the bunk, her hair damp from the recent shower she took "I don't know w...
  • romance
  • friends
  • cosplay
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Unexpected Love / Alec Volutri Love Story by BreaCentineo
Unexpected Love / Alec Volutri BreaCentineo
Destiny Cullen was turned in 1864 in London when she was 16 years old by Carlisle after her house caught on fire with her mother, father, 7 year brother and her in it. D...
  • thecullens
  • thevolturi
  • wattpadbooks
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My Crazy Life by LunaMollie
My Crazy Lifeby Luna
I loved him, the way he looked and smiled. His manners and charm. He was the cool guy that everyone loved and adored. He even did the strangest things that made him sepa...
  • british
  • action
  • new
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Eastside by ColouredHoney
Eastsideby ᘓ๑ⳗ๑ບʀᰀᖙ H๑ɴᰀᥐ™
17-year-old Choi Yuri falls into severe depression and when everything seems to be falling apart her parents throw her into a forced marriage. Will Hoseok be able to sav...
  • anxiety
  • halsey
  • korea
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Okay, I Love You by Sue1402
Okay, I Love Youby Sue1402
Amy Wilson does not want men in her life..she is frightened of relationships. So. she takes refuge in the world of books. But when super hot Glade Maxwell joins her w...
  • coolguy
  • cuteromance
  • badboy
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Lucid Realities  by TrillGawd
Lucid Realities by TrillGawd
James Hester. A curious boy, always after adventure and mystery. One day he found a destiny that he couldn't seem to understand, but by the help of two friends, along th...
  • fiction
  • bookworm
  • teen
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[title] by 17Nia94
[title]by ♕𝒩𝒾𝒶♕
life + art
  • indie
  • mylife
  • art
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Mylow Bookclub by b-catherine
Mylow Bookclubby Bardi oomola Catherine
This book club is for anyone intending to make their books popular, to get more reads and to get corrected on mistakes. This is basically for beginners and those with...
  • books
  • bookworm
  • criticism
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