Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away [Solangelo] by hcllasad
Please Don't Take My Sunshine Away... by alexa Fanfiction
Nico di Angelo- The child of Hades. He was a depressed ball of rage wherever he went. He preferred spending his time in his cabin, alone. He would often forget to take c...
Flawed Teeth  by KeshaDEly
Flawed Teeth by Kesha 💜 Mystery / Thriller
The son of a renown scientist finds himself involved with something beyond his control. Screenplay for a tv miniseries.
Game on Sunshine by quick-thinkfast
Game on Sunshine by Noelle!! Fanfiction
Nico DiAngelo probably has a crush on Will Will totally has one So...Game on, Sunshine?
Harry Potters Twin by Kingdom001
Harry Potters Twin by Daisy Camp Fanfiction
Percy Jackson and Harry potter have a secret. Each other. When they were eight, Harry and Percy potter were separated. The twins were attacked while in an orphanage...
leo valdez x reader by createimagine
leo valdez x reader by createimagine Fanfiction
For all your leo needs :3 I do request. I try not to do smut but if people insist... ;) one of my first stories I really hope you like it
Unexpected Thug Love *The Sequel* by ReenahK
Unexpected Thug Love *The Sequel* by ReenahK Teen Fiction
Sequel to Unexpected Thug Love
Making the Bad Girls Good by YendysEsille
Making the Bad Girls Good by Elli Teen Fiction
Mga babaing walang ginawa kundi ang magbisyo at makipagaway kung kani kaninong tao. Pero ng dumating ang mga lalaking mas may masahol pang ugali kesa sa kanila makukuha...
Goode High School (Percy Jackson Fanfiction) by AmazingL
Goode High School (Percy Jackson F... by AmazingL Fanfiction
No more was needed of the seven ,and for that they were grateful. No more monsters trying to attack them at every corner, or dreams that would predict their downfall. Th...
Save the World before you Save Yourself by quick-thinkfast
Save the World before you Save You... by Noelle!! Fanfiction
[UNDER EXTREME EDITING READ AT YOUR OWN RISK]There is no way that Percy Jackson is the same after going through Tartarus. He has to deal with the guilt, nightmares, and...
As Different as Night and Day by galacticturtle
As Different as Night and Day by galacticturtle Fanfiction
Solangelo fanfic because Sonlangelo is life. This takes place after the three days in the infirmary. There are so many plot holes it's not even funny and the first few c...
Etc 💫 by rsewtrrfp
Etc 💫 by Etc... Fantasy
Good vib3s only 🌹
Love Knows No Colour by DaliaEllz
Love Knows No Colour by Dalia Ellz Teen Fiction
"Okay Melanie whatever changing topics now I don't want to talk about it." "No" "Yes you just won't admit it... Hell even Serenity knows you're...
I need you badly by _Rachel_Dare_
I need you badly by _Rachel_Dare_ Fanfiction
Percy and Annabeth are in New Rome studying and trying to live life as normally as they can for two demigods from Greek parentage. And by finally being able to live 'nor...
thor little sister 1987/1990/2003/2007/2012/2014 part 2 by sullyandboo28
thor little sister 1987/1990/2003... by sullyandboo28 Romance
boo&raph are married had thordis and will had more kids soon and boo is happy but in justice of the avengers like her big brother thor and hulk,halkeye,black widow, iron...
Roses ; Fakegram by -AMPanditaST
Roses ; Fakegram by Like You Baby... Romance
Ella no te ama como yo lo hago.... Ella no te toca como yo lo haria...
Will Be My Sunshine by GridDiAngelo
Will Be My Sunshine by Grid Fanfiction
After the war with Gaea Nico has to spend time in the infirmary "doctor's orders"... After spending sometime at the infirmary under the care of Will. Nico star...
Sun Angel (SOLANGELO fanfic) by Davekat_Is_Life
Sun Angel (SOLANGELO fanfic) by Davekat Is Life Fanfiction
I'm not good at writing fanfic (first timmer y'all!) but this is basically this is about Nico and Will getting together *wink* *wink* ok so the first chapter starts with...
In Time {Solangelo} by a_rose_713
In Time {Solangelo} by Rose Fanfiction
THIS IS PART OF MY SOLANGELO SERIES AND IT'S THE FIRST ONE (yay!) SO YEAH Nico di Angelo a half-blood son of Hades, was born in the past, his mother's death was Zeus's f...
I'm Here (NicoDiAngelo) by Niki_Di_Angelo
I'm Here (NicoDiAngelo) by Niki_Di_Angelo Fanfiction
"Crazy!" "Weirdo!" "Insane!" I'm not normal. I have been told that my whole life. After my mother left, my dad sent me to the asylum. I nev...