Crazy love (An attack on titan AU) by sparklydemon2
Crazy love (An attack on titan AU) by sparklydemon2
Eren was an average,just-out-of- highschool boy,with an average life. That is,until he started working at the local asylum and began catering to a patient there,a patien...
  • profanity
  • aot
  • gay
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Neverland by neverlandrejects
Neverland by sigh sam
BOOK ONE In which two crazies fall in love in an asylum.
  • luke
  • asylum
  • hemmings
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Asylum by ziallxxpizza
Asylum by ❤️
"I'm not crazy." I said quietly, I looked up slowly. Staring at the black screen, rattling the cuffs they put me in. "I didn't kill them." I screa...
  • thriller
  • love
  • justwriteit
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Nightfall by cluelessdaddy
Nightfall by ✴a s h✴
His eyes, akin to the clearest skies she'd ever gazed upon, stared into Tahlia. As if, trying to make out her breathing pattern. "Observe me, huh?" He smile...
  • serialkiller
  • darklove
  • psycholove
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Between Stripes by TheSlytherinTribute
Between Stripes by beee
When you put two twisted souls together, they tend to cling to each other. Arkham Asylum is the glue which helped create whatever Jerome Veleska and Georgia Fishwick wer...
  • psycho
  • gotham
  • arkham
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Asylum • kpop •  by BriannaALZ
Asylum • kpop • by Brianna
" I'm not afraid of you." " Really you're not afraid of someone insane like me." She gulped and nodded. " Why should I be afraid of you when we...
  • kpop
  • exo
  • mblaq
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PSYCHOTIC by exquisiteheart
"S-stay away from me." She stutters a whisper when she's backed up against the wall knowing there's no way it'll swallow her up. "W-w-why?" He replie...
  • psychotic
  • psycho
  • psycholove
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We're all mad, Dear. (Kellic) by DickCuntes
We're all mad, Dear. (Kellic) by Papa smurf
Vic gets his diploma in psychology, and is thrown straight into the deep end when he gets referred to Hayenwyck Hospital in Michigan. (Trigger warning?) ** fixing gramma...
  • tonyperry
  • mikefuentes
  • asylum
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Akame ga kill x insane reader by TheUnofficialWritter
Akame ga kill x insane reader by TheUnofficialWritter
Self-explanatory, although this will be more of a harem mainly involving the Jagers.
  • readerinsert
  • asylum
  • xreader
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mad ✔️ by tomfeltontrash
mad ✔️ by hania s.
«im not crazy»
  • deranged
  • dramionefanfic
  • war
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When Darkness Falls (Darkness Falls Book 1) by Bella_Higgin
When Darkness Falls (Darkness Fall... by Bella_Higgin
When darkness falls the vampires come out. Sixteen-year-old Kiara Morrow knows that better than anyone. She's been trained her whole life to wipe bloodsuckers off the fa...
  • urbanfantasy
  • young-adult
  • vampirehunters
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The Flip Side by MisfortunateMC
The Flip Side by Gummy Bear Ruler
A Septiplier Fanfiction When Mark, a teenager in college gets assigned a job to find a "Pen Pal" in a mental asylum, he finds it pointless until he meets som...
  • septiplier
  • cryaotic
  • insane
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Asylum [UsUk, GerIta] by thealphagay
Asylum [UsUk, GerIta] by ☆ alpha ☆
1963; Feliciano Vargas is the newest patient at Bitterwell Mental Asylum. One problem, there's nothing wrong with him. Trying to escape will be hard, trying to understan...
  • grimdark
  • aphetalia
  • horror
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We're Going Home by ChristinaAnneRice
We're Going Home by Thursday
Hey, This can't be real. But what is real? I don't know... the white walls of this hospital seem realer than the vibrant worlds I've visited... inside a flying lion. ...
  • lieth
  • asylum
  • voltron
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The Sound of Walking Away | Ereri/Riren by StarsNeverLanding
The Sound of Walking Away | Ereri... by ❨Sκy❩
I've been locked up for a while now, eleven years. Forty-eight thousand one hundred eighty days to be exact actually. I know this because I've been counting from day one...
  • erenxlevi
  • riren
  • asylum
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The Asylum On Chestnut Street by shayxb
The Asylum On Chestnut Street by shay
An adventurous girl on a pink bicycle meets a tall blonde boy on Chestnut Street. Right in front of the old burnt-down mental hospital. What can go wrong?
  • suspense
  • justwriteit
  • spooky
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psycho :: luke brooks by pokemikeyy
psycho :: luke brooks by sugarmommy
He lurks around at night. He watches through your window as you sleep. He's your worst nightmare, and it's coming to life. ©2014-2015 pokemikeyy All rights reserved.
  • lukebrooks
  • institution
  • mentalinstitution
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Shadows Rising (Darkness Falls Book 2) by Bella_Higgin
Shadows Rising (Darkness Falls Boo... by Bella_Higgin
After a lifetime of violence and bloodshed, Kiara Morrow has found happiness. It's been a month since she left her vampire hunting roots behind, and started a new life w...
  • young-adult
  • trilogy
  • strongfemalelead
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The Host is mad... (Hostiplier X Reader) by MissA_writer
The Host is mad... (Hostiplier X R... by Some alright fanfics
Host has killed someone and is in Broadmoor psychiatric mental ward for the criminally insane. Y/N is a smart 26 year old that was wrongly accused of a mass genocide. Wh...
  • darkiplier
  • host
  • fanfiction
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Not Insanity// Kit Walker Fanfiction by its_an_AHS_thing
Not Insanity// Kit Walker Fanficti... by It's Just Tori💘
"Please come with me, Opal, I cant leave you here!" Kit screamed down the tunnel. I shook my head. "Promise you'll come back for me." I said and a te...
  • asylum
  • ahs
  • evanpeters
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