Welcome to the Madhouse [Joker] by shaunabuckingham
Welcome to the Madhouse [Joker]by Shauna Buckingham
When Doctor Jones begins working at Arkham Asylum alongside Jonathan Crane, she never expected to get involved with a character like the Joker. ~I do not own Batman, or...
  • killercroc
  • aslyum
  • harleyquinn
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PSYCHOTIC by exquisiteheart
"S-stay away from me." She stutters a whisper when she's backed up against the wall knowing there's no way it'll swallow her up. "W-w-why?" He replie...
  • insane
  • psycholove
  • psychotic
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Nightfall by cluelessdaddy
Nightfallby ✴ ash ✴
His eyes, akin to the clearest skies Tahlia had ever gazed upon, stared into her keenly. As if, trying to make out her breathing pattern. "Observe me, huh?"...
  • dark
  • mystery
  • asylum
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Hush. by NonchalantNightmare
Hush.by NonchalantNightmare
Sold out by her friend, Amanda Green or Little Mouse as Mr.Handsome knows her as, finds herself in a dark, damp cellar in the middle of nowhere with nowhere to run. Wha...
  • consent
  • knives
  • blood
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Asylum by ziallxxpizza
Asylumby ❤️
"I'm not crazy." I said quietly, I looked up slowly. Staring at the black screen, rattling the cuffs they put me in. "I didn't kill them." I screa...
  • completed
  • insane
  • crazy
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Dale-Creek Hill Asylum | ✓ by Infamous
Dale-Creek Hill Asylum | ✓by Bea Davies
"There are many forms of pure evil, some say its the devil, others say its the famous dictators of our past time. I say its here." Ashley has a terrible fasc...
  • asylum
  • mystery-thriller
  • the-casanovas
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When Darkness Falls (Darkness Falls Book 1) by Bella_Higgin
When Darkness Falls (Darkness Fall...by Bella_Higgin
When darkness falls the vampires come out. Sixteen-year-old Kiara Morrow knows that better than anyone. She's been trained her whole life to wipe bloodsuckers off the fa...
  • paranormalromance
  • teenlove
  • fangs
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Psychotic ➳ S. Salvatore [C.S] by the1andonlytifftiff
Psychotic ➳ S. Salvatore [C.S]by ♔ Turtle momma
"I am not crazy! This isn't my fault! You have to believe me! I swear I'm not insane." "I believe you." ---- Season 3 COMING SOON *disclaimer I don't...
  • vampire
  • gilbertring
  • asylum
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Insane Doesn't Even Begin to Cover It... by LexiMonster
Insane Doesn't Even Begin to Cover...by Alexis Morgan
Senna is in an insane asylum for witnessing something no one should ever have to see. She doesn't talk, and she hates being touched. Many people have tried to get throug...
  • asylum
  • flashback
ASYLUM. ☼ ethan dolan by kingmai
ASYLUM. ☼ ethan dolanby ; maisie
"He was so interesting. No matter how dangerous he was."
  • asylum
  • ethandolan
  • ethan
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Ashley's Asylum by Infamous
Ashley's Asylumby Bea Davies
Two serial killers. One Captive. Zero chance of survival. Ashley is on a one-way road trip with the worst passengers imaginable. There's no luggage for this journey, sh...
  • asylum
  • badboy
  • serialkiller
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The Asylum On Chestnut Street by shayxb
The Asylum On Chestnut Streetby shay
An adventurous girl on a pink bicycle meets a tall blonde boy on Chestnut Street. Right in front of the old burnt-down mental hospital. What can go wrong?
  • fright
  • thriller
  • scary
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Teacher's Pet 3 (A Story of Obsession) by Emilybug7
Teacher's Pet 3 (A Story of Obsess...by Emilybug7
Lauren Jauregui as Ivy Sanders Colin Ferrell as Coach Ryan Josh Hutcherson as Zane Sanders Maya Irene Wada as Ella Sanders 5 year's ago 17 year old Ivy Lewis was kidnapp...
  • obsession
  • love
  • kidnapped
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Harold by -cryadult
Haroldby Cranky witch
❝Wie kannst du jemanden vertrauen,der dich für verrückt hält?❞ -_-_-_- Highest ranking: Mistery/Thriller #7
  • psychotic
  • krimi
  • harry
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We're all mad, Dear. (Kellic) by DickCuntes
We're all mad, Dear. (Kellic)by Festive Otōsan
Vic gets his diploma in psychology, and is thrown straight into the deep end when he gets referred to Hayenwyck Hospital in Michigan. (Trigger warning?) ** fixing gramma...
  • kellinquinn
  • austincarlile
  • schizophrenic
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Butterfly by -sugarfree-
Butterflyby Not Applicable
Sometimes you find the most beautiful of souls in the darkest of places. ~ Winner of the 2016 KpopWattys ~
  • freementalillness
  • kpop
  • thekpopwattyawards2016
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psycho :: luke brooks by pokemikeyy
psycho :: luke brooksby sugarmommy
He lurks around at night. He watches through your window as you sleep. He's your worst nightmare, and it's coming to life. ©2014-2015 pokemikeyy All rights reserved.
  • scary
  • mental
  • luke
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Crazy For You by DatOneManiac
Crazy For Youby DatOneManiac
In a creepy and strict asylum of New York is held the most notorious criminals too monstrous for Jail. Being convicted of 20 murders and counting is Donatello Hamato, th...
  • raphxmikey
  • murder
  • raphael
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We're Going Home by ChristinaAnneRice
We're Going Homeby Thursday
Hey, This can't be real. But what is real? I don't know... the white walls of this hospital seem realer than the vibrant worlds I've visited... inside a flying lion. ...
  • klance
  • lieth
  • lgbt
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Solitaire by DarklyCosmos
Solitaireby Stella
It's hard to play solitaire in a world where no one understands you. They say madness is the emergency exit. "Solitaire" is the story that will take you there...
  • lockdown
  • crazy
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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