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Asylum || Creepypasta ( Reader Insert ) *Completed* by 06FandomTrash06
Asylum || Creepypasta ( Reader Fandom
Y/N was your everyday teen. Well, at least she was. After being falsely accused of killing her family, she lands herself a spot in the Looney Bin. Eternity Meadows Menta...
Tokyo Revengers Asylum by yomyweeb
Tokyo Revengers Asylumby nellllllllllllliel
shush i wasn't really gonna post this but i got the motivations from someone i look up to 😤 ------------ Today was the start of your new job at an asylum of which they...
osomatsu brothers x male reader by Mikey000097653
osomatsu brothers x male readerby mike
I'm doing this because there's nothing like it yet!
Twisted Asylum by FreyrBear
Twisted Asylumby
I saw a bunch of asylum stories and got inspired. Yandere!characters x GN! reader hope you enjoy
Ticci Toby X READER by AlwaysHunted
Ticci Toby X READERby AlwaysHunted
You're in an asylum, for something not entirely your fault. All you did was kill the bastard that murdered your mother all those years ago. oh, and that asylum? It's a g...
They think I'm crazy... by Aurora1598
They think I'm Aurora1598
Winter is trying to overcome her illnesses and make friends at her new school. That changes when he comes back. Drake, Alpha of the Dark Forest Pack, comes back from Ita...
asylum mha x male reader by Mikey000097653
asylum mha x male readerby mike
insane male mha characters :| this will include some male students, or the ones I like. dont worry, I like almost all of them. villains, probably all the important male...
The Goth and His Psycho. by xshanellex
The Goth and His xshanellex
Alex Brady had been a normal kid when he'd fallen for Bree Treven. It was a cute little romance between two innocent children. But four years later, Bree is far from inn...
Joker's Kitten//Yoonmin(Completed) by CMikaze
Joker's Kitten//Yoonmin(Completed)by 카이 웬
He created him but he's also the one that turn him into something else. PS. Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes
Assassination Classroom / Asylum Au by MisaAyuzawaa
Assassination Classroom / Asylum Auby SCREECHINGBITCH
You the reader finally landed a job at Kunugigaoka Asylum to be a doctor there as they were short on doctors.Along the way,your patients seem to have taken a liking to t...
Captivated by alphaholic
Captivatedby Alphaholic
His fingers ran through my hair, gently but harshly, tugging me closer yet. "I am the worst thing that could have happened to you", he said tenderly. "But...
🅰︎🆂🆈🅻🆄🅼 ꪑꫝꪖ ꪜꪖ𝘳𝓲ꪮꪊ𝘴 ᥊ ᦔꫀꪖᦔꫀ𝘳 by Brialangrl
🅰︎🆂🆈🅻🆄🅼 ꪑꫝꪖ ꪜꪖ𝘳𝓲ꪮꪊ𝘴 ᥊ ᦔꫀꪖ I write smut dumbass
Mha Various x Reader. They've felt so much pain at that place. They've went through so much. They've lost their minds. All the screaming. All the blood. It hurts. ... T...
Crazier Than Most (Book ONE){Completed} by AshyShy
Crazier Than Most (Book ONE){ A.C.
"Your just as crazy as your aunt is..." What if there was a secret Harley kept? What if she even kept it from the Joker? What if.. Harley had a niece? The...
asylum haikyuu x male reader by Mikey000097653
asylum haikyuu x male readerby mike
bad at describing things, crazy people
Let it out  by Han_14358
Let it out by Han_14358
Jared Leto as The Joker What if Harleen Quinzell never accepted The Joker to be her patient? What if HE became obsessed with another girl entirely and The Harley Quinn n...
The Red Door by OriginalRevolver
The Red Doorby Sara Pupa
When Mollie starts to prefer the dreams she's having to the painful reality of life, she's forced to choose between embracing a fantasy or the man she loves. ...
Don't Look Back (Creepypasta x Insane!Reader) *WIP* by CATTYEARS101
Don't Look Back (Creepypasta x CATTYEARS101
(Y/n) (L/n), isn't really normal for a woman her age. She's been stuck in a mental asylum for years now, ever since she was 10. Why? see, she's n...
Room 106 || J.J.K FF (Slow Updates)  by MochimB
Room 106 || J.J.K FF (Slow MochimB
《Highest rank: #2 in Jeon》 《Highest rank: #1 in asylum》 《Highest rank: #6 in sonyeondan》 《Highest rank: #16 in army》 《Highest rank: #1 in bts》 《Highest rank: #1 psycho》 ...
psychopath | P. JIMIN by PEACHYYKELLY
psychopath | P. JIMINby 𝓚
a killer is on the loose, and nobody is as safe as they think. park jimin, a police officer working on this case is ready to face all odds in order to catch the culprit...