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The Red Door

The Red Door

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Sara Pupa By OriginalRevolver Completed

Like most children in West Virginia in the 1920's, Mollie Cutright enjoys her independence. She roams the woods of her small town with her best friend Howard Flynn until sunset everyday, but comes home for bruises instead of supper. The townsfolk of Buckhannon have always turned a blind eye to the cruel treatment from Mollie's parents. To cope with the abuse, Mollie seeks solace in the woods and with Howard's kind family. 

Then the dreams began.

At night in her dreams, Mollie meets new friends and a new family; a family she desperately wishes she could be a part of. The dreams are as vivid as the life she lives when she is awake, and at her young age the two begin to blend together. Mollie's mother is made aware of Mollie's odd behavior at school when she starts speaking of students who don't exist. Humiliated by her behavior, Mollie's mother takes her to the local psychiatric hospital for a day to scare her straight. Suddenly the small town of Buckhannon shows an interest in Mollie Cutright.

Through the constant teasing from her schoolmates, two things remained: the dreams and her best friend, Howard. By the time Mollie is seventeen, her dreams are a significant part of her life, and the biggest secret she has ever kept. After returning home from Elouise, a school for troubled girls, her mother finds evidence that Mollie still has the "imaginary friends" she had at seven years old. A permanent stay at the psychiatric hospital is her mother's solution.

At Weston State Hospital, Mollie finally finds an explanation for the dreams she has been having for the past 10 years, but is also faced with one of the most difficult decisions of her life.

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