Rainbow Bliss: An Anthology of LGBTQ+ Poetry & Stories by theACEoverall
Rainbow Bliss: An Anthology of LGB... by ♚ ᴀ ᴄ ᴇ ♚
❝If there are only two colors allowed by heaven, then why does the rainbow display seven?❞ A collection of poems, prose, and stories inspired by the LGBT+ community...
  • langleav
  • gay
  • anthology
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A Wattpad Chrimbo | Winter 2017 by bethbumbles
A Wattpad Chrimbo | Winter 2017 by bethani 🎄
What is A Wattpad Chrimbo, I hear you say. A Wattpad Chrimbo is the collection of cozy, Christmas [or winter, for those of us who don't celebrate xmas] tales from some...
  • anthology
  • chrimbo
  • wattpad
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Christmas Anthology (Submissions Open) by royal888
Christmas Anthology (Submissions O... by Sarah Royal (Royal888)
Christmas Anthology marking the Christmas Holidays. Enjoy Reading. This Anthology runs until end of December. Cover by @sarahikari_ska
  • anthology
  • teenage
  • ice
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Force & Federation: An Anthology by ScienceFiction
Force & Federation: An Anthology by Science Fiction
Welcome to Force & Federation, an anthology of short stories from the Star Wars and Star Trek universes. We're looking for stories no more than 5,000 words in length tha...
  • sith
  • starwars
  • theforce
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Tails of the Kongs by abiran1995
Tails of the Kongs by Speedy
Fill a mug of warm hot chocolate and curl up beside a fireplace as you read this beautiful anthology of fantasy short stories and novellas. Each with a unique and differ...
  • gorilla
  • zoo
  • story
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LGBTQ+: Sun-Kissed by lgbtq
LGBTQ+: Sun-Kissed by LGBTQ+
Grab your shades and sun loungers! Dive into this feel-good collection of winning short stories for the LGBTQ+: Sun-Kissed Summer Anthology contest. New stories added...
  • storiesforpride
  • bisexual
  • love
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*Featured Story* Readers of dark tales, are you in the mood for holiday cheer? Enter DEAD WINTER and get your fill. But mind your step! In this frozen world, victory bel...
  • wattys2017
  • anthology
  • thriller
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The Billison Chronicles, Episode 1: A FORCE FOR CHANGE by Bebop17
The Billison Chronicles, Episode 1... by Bebop17
Billison is a force sensitive smuggler from Correllia. He travels with his droid companion K2-S0 (not from Rogue One but I will get to that later)
  • anthology
  • fanfiction
  • star
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Undeath by Chocolate by StevenBrandt
Undeath by Chocolate by Steven Brandt
Have you ever met a necromancer with dreams of being a mariachi player? Have you ever mixed a potion with dragonfly tears, or made a deadly wish on a cake and had it com...
  • horror
  • adultfic
  • paranormal
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Written Anthology [Completed] by Ristin_Yalc
Written Anthology [Completed] by Solace 🌞
I only break hearts Through my poems I don't break hearts Out of selfish desires Highest Rank: #26
  • self
  • truth
  • reality
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What Lurks in Darkness by superchocolat
What Lurks in Darkness by B.R Grove
An anthology of short stories centering around the monsters that lurk in the darkness, and the humans who've had the misfortune of meeting them. Includes: -After Dark -B...
  • vampires
  • murder
  • monsters
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after all by kovalactic
after all by kimi
a collection of feelings and redemptions. © all rights reserved 2017 | kimi
  • poetry
  • freeverse
  • acceptance
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Randoms Blog: Volume II by medievalmaide715
Randoms Blog: Volume II by Joye Everett
After looking back on my Wordpress blog, I've decided that things just weren't the same for me, because the Randoms blog trumps all. The soapbox speeches will still be u...
  • qanda
  • random
  • collection
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Graffiti - Creative Writing by Rebel_Town
Graffiti - Creative Writing by Rebel Town
#RebelCreations We revel in the art of writing so we dare you to find your inspiration and write the words to touch our rebel hearts. Practice makes perfect, so we reco...
  • activity
  • challenge
  • rebel
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Songs of Us by Our_happy_place_123
Songs of Us by Emily's Fiction
Continuing from 'Songs of Me'. Poetry that I make up. Started 29/10/17 00:10 Highest rank: #361 09-12-17
  • happiness
  • anthology
  • poetry
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A Holly Jolly Anthology by Reekles
A Holly Jolly Anthology by Beth Reeks
A collection of my short holiday stories so far in one handy, holly-jolly anthology, featuring: **NEW FOR 2017: MY TRUE LOVE GAVE TO ME** - COMING SOON A Little Christma...
  • short
  • jolly
  • romance
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My Case Files: A Mystery Anthology by hellocheeky
My Case Files: A Mystery Anthology by Ellafair Blase
A collection of various solved cases. From a man having no recollection of the murder crime scene he had just awoken in; to a father's mysterious suicide and many more. ...
  • contest
  • story
  • thriller
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Valentine's Day Anthology by RomanceSparks
Valentine's Day Anthology by RomanceSparks
Who doesn't like to have a little bit of love on Valentine's Day? An impressive line-up of authors have joined forces to bring you a special anthology. A new story for e...
  • valentine
  • valentines
  • sweet
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A Fan Till Death Do Us Part by Fanfic
A Fan Till Death Do Us Part by Fanfiction
We are thrilled to introduce our newest anthology, we promise it's to die for! Submissions are now closed!
  • oneshot
  • shortstory
  • creativewriting
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Just Peachy by Sweetchibichu
Just Peachy by ☆ tini ☆
Inspired by Rupi Kaur's "Milk And Honey", here is a collection of my own poetry and prose reflective of my own personal experiences and thoughts.
  • romance
  • hardships
  • onesidedlove
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