No Thanks , I Don't Date Possessive Billionaire

No Thanks , I Don't Date Possessive Billionaire

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AJ By wethinkhateaa Updated Aug 08, 2016

"The thing about loving Jesse Blue is that it keeps my heart pumping and alive. He's too good, yet he's like brownies after 9 pm. I forbid myself from falling in love with him, but it would be tempting."

A story of Amelia's attempt to keep away from the rich, handsome Jesse Blue. He's every girl's dream husband and every man dream goal. 

Find out Amelia's struggle to get her grip together as she face the devilishly handsome Jesse Blue, while she try to face her own painful past. Will she let Jesse in? when all the man in her life had proven to her that she shouldn't. 

*Not your typical romance book. 

(Editing at the moment, If you want to read a better version of this book, please wait until the end of 2016)

Second Book is out. "No Thanks, I Don't Date Possessive Billionaire (Book 2)" 
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AnoekScheuten AnoekScheuten Sep 19, 2017
It's cool that you write a book in a different language from the one you speak, which language do you actually speak? I'm dutch
Winterystorm Winterystorm Apr 23, 2017
Me though. My sister can pick a number lock, I like knives and guns and one of my brothers are learning to pick a regular lock 😂😂 no I'm not in a gang
Storywriter1301 Storywriter1301 Apr 20, 2017
You remind me of my best friend..... and the rest of the tech crew at my school.
Essiepooh11 Essiepooh11 Aug 15, 2016
Lol don't take this the wrong way but xD I thought that was pretty funny
IamComplete15 IamComplete15 Jul 20, 2016
If you have been on watt pad as long as I have, you know that some of these stories are less of a story and more of a running porno. But thank you for the warning 😜😂
O_n_y_x O_n_y_x Sep 20, 2016
If you are on wattpad then your virgin eyes have long lost their virginity.