I belong to a stranger (PUBLISHING) Belong Book 1 - Unedited

I belong to a stranger (PUBLISHING) Belong Book 1 - Unedited

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Kiara By kiarasinha Completed



“Like father, like son” The truth of the words hit me then. A cruel smile caught up with me. Somewhere at the back of my head, I couldn’t believe what I had just said, but I refused to let the guilt creep into me. 

If I called him huge before, I didn’t know what I should be calling him now. His entire six and a half foot frame began expanding animistic-ally. Charging like an angry bull, he reached me in two long strides. His eyes budging in fury. 

As suddenly as he started, he stopped. 

“You said what?” 

“Monster” I whispered back. But unwillingly my eyes dropped on the floor. No he did not scare me, but I could not bring myself to look into his eyes after what I just said to him. Nonetheless, he was a monster. 

Next thing I know, his large rough hands pulls my waist to his torso. Shocked, I looked at him. My eyes flared at his, my eyebrows raised in aftershocks. I flinched at his touch, but his arm kept me in place. I couldn’t no longer read his eyes.
He used his free arm to grip my chin and pull it until my neck stretched back, until I looked directly at him. 

“Say that again” he repeated. 


Curiosity kills the cat.  

She had never expected the cost of peeking into a stranger’s room to be her freedom.  

Rosaline James was what we might call a goody-two-shoe. Her dream trip to England gives her more than she bargained for. Fun, excitement she was expecting, but what she never expected was to fall under the mercy of a monstrous possessive billionaire. 

Nathan Hamilton.

She is certain that dangerous trip to London and back to America under the ruthless Hamilton heir would make her experience heights of hatred. But yet why does it feel like she has instead found the key to love?

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Anony96 Anony96 Nov 17, 2017
U know. i am suppose to read ur book later because my phone is dead, but juz seeing da title of da first chapter, i surely got "curious" nd could not wait to start to read it. Imma start readin while chargin... :D
- - Nov 03, 2015
No offense but all cliches start with this honey u better hit me with some sparkle
Kyle4u Kyle4u Sep 19, 2014
This book will change your life. I want it published so I can treasure it. this is my favourite book on watt pad. ur writing is just amazing
Angelighttt Angelighttt Sep 03, 2014
I think your work needs more editing but other than that it's great! :)
riethu riethu May 28, 2013
I'm at ch. 4 and I really want to know what Nathan's thinking!! Plzz make the sequel!!
kiarasinha kiarasinha May 11, 2013
@SophieStyles986 Awn! Thank you :) Please do continue reading and your views would be GREAT :) 
                              @BIackRose Thank you thank you :) I hope u like the other chapters too... yes I will be uploading as soon as I get 30 votes on my Chapter 10 :)