Us Against the World

Us Against the World

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Zephyr is a man who likes to go with the flow of his life.

He hates woman and he always shows it. Just like his friend, he hates the idea of getting married. Being the youngest child, his parents wanted him to get married and have kids but that is really not his thing. Why would he need a woman and that would only pain him in the ass! And he is already too rich and too happy in love and he doesn't want to change his life anymore. 

"I would rather die than let myself be tied down to a marriage" he marked. 

But fate wasn't kind to him...

All his hatred about woman changed when he met a very beautiful blonde woman with striking blue eyes auditioned to be in his club and begged that she will do anything just to have a job...

His heart just melted. 

How can he say no to a woman who is ready to do everything to make money and why the heck is he being so possessive of her everytime he saw him entertaining a customer! 

He is Zephyr Cloud, he can do everything his way and he is gonna make sure what is the feeling he had towards her.

But when he tried to learn more about her, he didn't expect those things about her. Zephyr got surprised and he suppose to stay away from her, but what happened was the opposite. He just found himself to drown into her to the point that he will accept everything about her.

Dangerous and Possessive Bachelors Series 2 

Zephyrus Cloud

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emliarad emliarad Oct 11, 2017
Is this happening after the first book and Stephan is already married and the whole island-thing and everything else from the first book happened already?
maeflower2403 maeflower2403 Aug 03, 2017
Is he talking about the arranged marriage with Arianna. Bc I thought they got married in the first book?????