Kissin' Pink | A$AP Rocky

Kissin' Pink | A$AP Rocky

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My Work #3 | October 2013 - March 2014 | Completed

[previously known as Purple]

Twenty-five year old Rakim Mayers, better known as 'A$AP Rocky', lives a life that he had not intended. Considering that he's a world known recording artist, but most importantly, a father, life is not as easy as it seems. Having to juggle maintaining his image in the public eye, as well as being present in his three year-old son's life, which is not a simple task to do, Rakim is slowly sinking deep into a hole he has created for himself, but can not climb out of.

When receiving a female personal assistant, to help him get back on track, he suddenly realizes that he just so happens to be close friends with her. After slowly developing an even more 'personal' relationship with his assistant, things become interesting.

Will things change when his assistant discovers that he has a son? Most importantly, how will his relationship with his assistant effect his relationship with both his son, and the mother?

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pprincessasf pprincessasf 6 days ago
Why this sound like the interview they play on jerry or Maury before they walk out on stage
liddoccke liddoccke Jun 21
If I could reach my hand through this screen and pop her mouth I stooop
gxccidoll gxccidoll Jun 15, 2016
It takes two people to make a baby😞 she better remember he injected his sperm inside her to create that baby the hell😒
sincerelyessence_ sincerelyessence_ Jun 19, 2016
I hate when people do that. Like Damn if he actually wants to be there let him.
sincerelyessence_ sincerelyessence_ Jun 19, 2016
It's crazy because there are a lot of industry niggas that Are like that but.... Becuase they are in the industry it's automatically "your cheating on me"