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Maple Syrup and Vodka

Maple Syrup and Vodka

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AngelDRK By AngelDRK Updated Sep 01, 2016

Getting to the world meeting early, and not being able to check into his hotel, Matthew goes and finds himself drinking away in the storage room. Passing out, he is soon discovered by a certain Russian.
(I don't own any characters! Everything belongs to their rightful owners!)

LyfLikeABossXD LyfLikeABossXD Sep 29, 2016
                              They would both team up and conquer the world with polar bears and vodka missiles
Founder_of_Atlantis Founder_of_Atlantis Feb 07, 2016
When characters ship a couple, I just think, we need forth wall duct tape!
KayKay1225 KayKay1225 Feb 05, 2016
The shippers would squeel of happiness . The Fandom of Hetalia will lose it with another ship on their hands . And I will go join the corner of happy shippers . 
                              The end °v°
_AsH_EL_ _AsH_EL_ Nov 25, 2016
'"then they had drinks for younger country's" XD like Japan?
GakupoHero GakupoHero Apr 09, 2015
World war 3 where Russia and Canada become one and take over the world.......... That's what would happen