Hetalia self-harm and depression (Canada) (PruCan)

Hetalia self-harm and depression (Canada) (PruCan)

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AwesomerThanPrussia By Tyler_Elizabeth_KB Updated Dec 06, 2016

He was always forgotten.

He didn't have any friends.

Just a stuffed polar bear.

Although, when a certain albino boy shows up, he finds that he's not invisible to everyone.

But sadly a new friend isn't enough to get rid of his past, and the hell he lives now.

Unless they can work together to help each other.

King_And_Country King_And_Country Oct 27, 2016
And this is the average Prussian... thinks he is awesome all the time.
lamamama22 lamamama22 Jul 02, 2016
Actually America knows how to speak all languages.....where do you think english language is made out of......other languages from around the world
_insanegamez_ _insanegamez_ Mar 11, 2016
Wait is it weird that I have a history teacher named Mrs crawford XD
ButterAngel90 ButterAngel90 18 hours ago
.....first off that grammer be on point. Second, Alfred.. possessive much?
Qianasma23 Qianasma23 Oct 15, 2016
Thank for noticing the difference between Alfred and Matthew