Lonely Hearts Club // Book One

Lonely Hearts Club // Book One

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Rule #1 You have to be a virgin pure.               
Rule #2 You have to be single              
Rule #3 No clubs, no parties               
Rule #4 You have had to have been single for 1-2 years               
Rule #5 Even if you are single, no dates either                 
Rule #6 Under no circumstances have you to fall for any members.         

"Welcome to the Club."

Luke AU

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luekhemm0 luekhemm0 May 08
I have pills to help "prevent" panic attacks but they don't help
luekhemm0 luekhemm0 May 08
I imagine Luke laughing then stopping to look her in the eye and say "you're funny" in a really serious, dark voice with a weird grin idky
luekhemm0 luekhemm0 May 08
I don't get why people don't like being tall? I used to be tall but then everyone around me grew and I hate it sm
luekhemm0 luekhemm0 May 08
Idk if people think I'm smart when they look at me cus I'm really quiet and wear glasses but I'm legit the dumbest piece of shît in like my whole year
pradashtonn pradashtonn Jul 26
yo chill y is she so negative. Like I hate myself too but I don't go walkin around thinking like this
soonyounqs soonyounqs Feb 10, 2016