The Hunting Hour - A Criminal Minds Fiction

The Hunting Hour - A Criminal Minds Fiction

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Agent Prentiss is living a good life in DC with her daughter Bella. But Doyle is looking for revenge and Emily is his target. What will happen when that man from her past is looking for her with a desire to kill.
Will Ian Doyle get his revenge? 
Will Prentiss survive?

WARNING: strong abuse and violence.

(Second book of my Prentiss Series! PS: there's NOT really a need to read the first one "In Her Eyes" - all you need to know is that Bella recently moved in with her mom after the death of her father. That's it. The rest won't make any difference)

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prentiss_jareau prentiss_jareau Oct 17, 2016
Dramacastisaurous Dramacastisaurous Oct 03, 2016
Okay, you updated about little earlier than I expected so I was able to read it 😂😂 and I absolutley loved it, that gift was adorable, and the first Christmas Bella had was just to cute! What country do you live in? (Question because of timezones 😂😂)
bellamarsh1 bellamarsh1 Oct 04, 2016
So cute. You should make a story about Bella as a baby. It would be adorable
cakeloverk cakeloverk Oct 05, 2016
How did I not see this untill now omgomgomgkmgomgokg i am tyoung ay wapr speed ahead!!!!!!!!!! Stupid tablet type gaster!!!!!-$
Dramacastisaurous Dramacastisaurous Oct 03, 2016
Oh No! Just when everything is finally okay in Emily's life, Ian just has to come and mess everything up. Doesn't he?! Can't wait to read it! 💕💕❤
cakeloverk cakeloverk Oct 05, 2016
Ahhh!!! Scary Doyle. 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱