Through The Scope [Discontinued]

Through The Scope [Discontinued]

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NOPE. By TheWalkingDead_Norm Completed

Teddy Armstrong was one of Americas best snipers. Day to day she took down notorious criminals within the blink of an eye, now she's living in a world where she could easily kill anyone or anything that crosses her path. 

Rick and his group cross paths with Teddy and her group known as 'The Hidden'. At first she's hostile, but her good judge of character allows her to see through the groups unwelcoming exterior, something she wasn't able to do during her time watching them. 

Now the decision lies with Rick, does he join a much stronger group who has secretly been watching over them as they travelled, or does he take the risk of loosing the only family he has left? Trust is key, but is Rick able to see any? 

Unfortunately after an odd friendship is formed, guards are dropped, could this be the end for all of them? 

Group name 'The Hidden' by MrsDixon55555

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commentwars commentwars Sep 20, 2016
I love how 'through the scope ' isn't just a story title. It's so much more and I can see that already
commentwars commentwars Sep 20, 2016
I'm glad you do that. It saves the hassle when someone accidentally reads smut they didn't want to