Mentality (ErLu)

Mentality (ErLu)

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Dark___Bachelor By Dark___Bachelor Updated Dec 17, 2017

Growing up,Lucy was raised by a dragon. This dragon,knew her potential. It saw how weak she was,and it was determined to jot let it be tortured with the helplessness as she once was. She trained her,and took her in as her own kin. 

When she one day disdappears,giving Lucy directions on how to find a certain item,Lucy knows what she has to do. On her journey,Lucy encounters some trouble,before eventually breaking,and loosing control.

Then,she meets Fairytail. A group of mages using their powers to help the innocent people of Magnolia. 

When Lucy meets Erza Scarlet,she is immediately drawn to her. From her hair,to her strength,to her conscience.


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Is it bad that since Jude pulled out flowers I thought he meant a magic trick?😂
SpinxsLord SpinxsLord Feb 22
Oiiiii what was that last gut wrenching foreshadowing, plz non.
NaLuDragneel1321 NaLuDragneel1321 Dec 17, 2017
KaixinPhoenix KaixinPhoenix Nov 27, 2016
Ah, i learned that, white is the mixture is all colors. Black is the absence of all colors
KaixinPhoenix KaixinPhoenix Oct 11, 2016
How did I not click on this earlier? This is really good. GoOd JoB!!