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Property of Mr. Simon ✔ by speedocks
Property of Mr. Simon ✔by bree
He was the legendary CEO. She was the daughter of a renowned Senator. Megan Carmichael hated being under public scrutiny. Having her name on the front page of almost eve...
  • marriage
  • boss
  • grey
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Teach Me How To Love by MarshaDP12
Teach Me How To Loveby MarshaDP12
Estha Jamal Young is a 24 year old graduate at Harvard. She's a traumatised woman with a dark past but this doesn't let her be the woman she is today. Estha is a very de...
  • fanfics
  • white
  • romance
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We didn't know  by namjoon_is_a_bottom
We didn't know by Yikes_i_need_help
Where namjoon is getting bullied by six boys They have no idea that namjoon likes them. That causes namjoon lots of depression and suicidal thoughts. What happens when...
  • btsfanfic
  • hyolyn
  • jin
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The Beauty of Grey by thatgabbykid
The Beauty of Greyby Gabrielle
*Mature/dark themes *A Silver Ashes novel ↠ "You're not going anywhere with me?" He asked, voice too calm. "Want to place a bet?" It was a threat...
  • dark
  • kidnap
  • hunter
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Dragon Mating Season by stabmeplssatan
Dragon Mating Seasonby Sarah
So yeah, I have been reading a lot of Fairy Tail fan fics and I came across some amazing ones that have motivated me to write this, so I don't really know the direction...
  • laxus
  • levy
  • happy
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The Apocalypse Dragonslayer (Fairy Tail X Male reader) by atlas-stonewall
The Apocalypse Dragonslayer ( atlas-stonewall
In a land far far away is a kingdom known as Fiore, which just so happened to home to a young boy named (Y/N). When (Y/N) was just a toddler, he was found by a dragon. T...
  • fairytail
  • xmalereader
  • erza
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Star Gazers [BXB] by OminouslyAnonymous
Star Gazers [BXB]by Anon Ominous
*Spinoff/Sequel of Lab Partners (Recommended you read Lab Partners first.)* "You know, you shouldn't smoke those things," I spoke softly, referring to the ciga...
  • blue
  • treehouse
  • reality
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GREY'S ANATOMY → IMAGINES by mcevilspawn
❝pick me choose me love me❞ [REQUESTS OPEN] [NO SMUT]
  • imagines
  • grey
  • requests
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20,000 Words To Seducing Logan  by JinxxInANutshell
20,000 Words To Seducing Logan by Charlie Silver
WARNING! SEXUAL CONTENT! Now that that is out of the way, this is a story where the reader is an Animagus who was raised by wolves takes a liking to Logan. This doesn't...
  • grey
  • storm
  • wolverine
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DANGEROUS ADDICTION (completed) by Dolphingal1
DANGEROUS ADDICTION (completed)by Daphine Kabejja
(BOOK ONE OF THE ADDICTION SERIES) "You came as a treasure to me " *** After Larissa Lana Conzalato runs away from home with the help of her uncle Franco. She...
  • marriage
  • ruthless
  • death
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Fairy Tail Parent! X Child!Reader by AbsynthZaraki
Fairy Tail Parent! X Child!Readerby AbsynthZaraki
A series of short stories where you can see what I think it would be like to be a child of a Fairy Tail character.
  • midnight
  • child
  • natsu
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Harry Potter, The Bronze Boy by Flickering_Fox
Harry Potter, The Bronze Boyby Flickering_Fox
After a bit of accidental magic while running away from his cousin, Dudley, and co. Harry meets a nice wolfman who takes him in as his own. What happens when he gets his...
  • hermionegranger
  • ravenclaw
  • wolfstar
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[UNDER CONSTRUCTION] I'm Having His Baby (bwwm) by Caligyal
[UNDER CONSTRUCTION] I'm Having Caligyal
I'm going out with Terrance right? Then why am I pregnant with Jesse's baby?
  • whiteboy
  • twins
  • grey
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Natsu x Gray ( Fairy Tail smut) by shit-ideas
Natsu x Gray ( Fairy Tail smut)by Shit ideas
Natsu is injured and Gray takes him home. Guess what happens next? Note- I have added some fanart (not mine) to help with the imagination. *wink wink*
  • natsuxgray
  • smuttyfanfic
  • boyxboy
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Going Home by Tamara12211
Going Homeby Tamara
I'm leaving the guild. I know shocker, but after every thing that went down today I just cant. I'm so sorry.
  • natsu
  • yukino
  • gray
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Ms.Pandya & Mr.Grey by pearl110999
Ms.Pandya & Mr.Greyby P.E.A.R.L
He was like soil, a new layer after another. He seemed emotionless and daunting just like the Colour grey, just like his name. The most eligible bachelor was the title g...
  • dark
  • romance
  • ceo
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Fairy Tail and Transformers Prime crossover by ShadowKnightWarrior
Fairy Tail and Transformers Shafow knight
On a mission Natsu and Wendy touch a black crystal and everyone is split up and lost, plus there in a new world but can use their magic. What happens when they meet gian...
  • optimus
  • decepticons
  • action
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Indoraptor reader by Demon_of_dreams
Indoraptor readerby Ruby Carter
So in this you are a young indoraptor. One shots. Comment any human/dino you want a one shot of.
  • raptor
  • zach
  • indoraptor
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The Baby of Fairy Tail by cookiecatman
The Baby of Fairy Tailby cookiecatman
What would happen when a baby shows up at the doors of Fairy Tail.
  • carla
  • child
  • funny
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Fifty Shades of life isn't painfull by JuliaSchulte2
Fifty Shades of life isn't painfullby Julia Schulte
Dies ist die Fortsetzung von Life is pain, also bitte zuerst den ersten Teil lesen!!! Hier werden wir erleben wie sich das Leben der Grey's und Lamberts weiterentwickelt...
  • anastasia
  • christian
  • grey