To Protect You

To Protect You

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Lucy held the picture in her hands, listening to the deafening roar of her opponent. Juvia and Gray lay on the ground behind her, Gray's body thrown over the other girls  as if to protect her though both were unconscious. Wendy held an unconscious Charle in her arms, one eye clenched tightly shut as Happy placed one paw on her calf, tears in his eyes. Erza punched the ground angrily as the loud roar of a dragon vibrated through their ears, causing Lucy's shoulder's to prick. 

"Please..." She murmured, tears falling from her eyes as the back of the dragon slayer arched, a guttural yell escaping his throat. She jerked her head up, blonde hair fluttering around her shoulder as her chin quivered. "Please! Give me back Natsu! My Natsu! I want the Natsu I know! GIVE ME BACK NATSU OF FAIRY TAIL!!!" 


Lucy has begun to clean out the old Heartfilia estate. On break from Fairy Tail after the year gap, Lucy has decided to settle down and finally clean out her fathers legacy. Alone in the large house, Lucy is legitimately surprised when Levy and Gray show up at her door with an offer to help. 

Things remain normal until a frantic Mirajane bursts into the house with terrible news: 

All of the dragon and God slayers from Sabertooth, Fairy Tail and Lamia Scale have fallen victim to a terrible and strange illness. 

Racing back to Magnolia, it's soon that the wizards learn that all Slayers throughout Fiore have fallen ill and worsen by the day. All thanks to Master Pierre of the dark guild, Black Enigma and his plans to take over the world with the power of all of the dragon slayers. 

And...only two people can save them:

Two certain celestial mages with the combined power of the Twelve Zodiac keys -- Lucy Heartfilia and Yukino Aguria. 

ALL CHARACTERS (except my own originals and this story) BELONG TO HIRO MASHIMA.
Dylan Kelly (c) 2015

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