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your lucy? || あなたのルーシー

your lucy? || あなたのルーシー

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˗ˏˋ winner trash (atm)  ˎˊ˗ By -luxanne Updated Jun 01, 2016

*this is NOT like any other revenge story, I promise you*
Lucy Heartfilia gets magic thrown at her, and her own friends comply to others to keep their own bonds. But deep down inside, she knows she isn't wanted, and she goes to train by herself, help out other guilds, and make sure she is stronger before she goes back to her home, Fairy Tail. But so much happens in between--will she be the same person when she comes back? Or will she have changed completely? And will she still be theirs?
"Your Lucy?"
"I'm not YOURS."
please do not plagiarize. do not take this story and call it as your own.

NashiraDragneel6 NashiraDragneel6 5 days ago
                              BLOOD IS RED
                              SKY IS BLUE
                              CALL LUCY WEAK YOU GO TO HELL
                              FAIRY TAIL IS STUPID
                              BITCHANNA IS AN ATTENTION WHORE
                              I HAVE FIVE FINGERS THE THIRD ONE IS FOR ALL OF YOU
Anime0001 Anime0001 Mar 20
If Lucy didn't come to the guild then... It would be boring... Everything that has happened is all because Lucy joined the guild.
Roseildeda Roseildeda Apr 08
If she didn't then....
                              They could've been killed in Edolas 
                              Their only hope was Lucy
                              No Lucy = Fairy Tail is screwed
Roseildeda Roseildeda Apr 08
Roses are red
                              Violets are blue
                              If I had a brick
                              I'd throw it at you
The guild masters would be dead, juvia would be stuck as a slave for that guy that made her into a rocker looking girl, loke would have died, everyone else would have died during tartarus... Must I continue?
SakuraSenpaii SakuraSenpaii Jun 24, 2016
I can't stand when people say that she hides behind her celestial spirits, she's a Celestial wizard for crying out loud?! That's like saying just because Natsu is a fire mage that he hides behind his flames.