Bloody Mess🔪 |Creepypastas X  !Wolf! Reader COMPLETED (UNDER EDITING)

Bloody Mess🔪 |Creepypastas X !Wolf! Reader COMPLETED (UNDER EDITING)

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RiႲ ჯჯჯ By TemmiToons Completed

New description: your name is (y/n), you've been bullied and abused for most of your life. But one night you decided that you have had enough and killed your parents. For an odd reason you grow wolf ears and a tail. You escape into the forest and meet two people that take you to a place that will change your life. Forever.

You, the creepypastas, and some OCS do not belong to me! Only the plot!

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When I read “What the flying Fuk” I thought she was gonna sprout wings And if that happened I was gonna yell NOW YOU CAN GIVE FLYING FUKS
Were you trying to say:
                              Ever since your sister died, your parents haven't been acknowledging you.
sandyaung8 sandyaung8 3 days ago
Okay so um when I saw dis book im like "oh wut is dis" Than when I tap on it I said"YEEET "
Hehehe, oh I get it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
                              Our parents won't be much trouble after tonight 🔪
Yup get it!!
                              And my OC wolfie is pefrect for tye job she got aboused mostly head and arms so thats why the areas have blood stained bandaids on it and she wears Dark grey gray(get it XD) and whit ger favorite colors
Ren-Tan666 Ren-Tan666 Aug 03
You can find the dandiest things in your home like thumbtacks in your feet or glass in you head