The One I Call Jack. (Eyeless Jack Story.)

The One I Call Jack. (Eyeless Jack Story.)

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*Not edited, I'm doing this on my phone.

I do not own any of the Creepypasta, I own the following characters: Emily, Micah, Tyler, Cole, Dylan & The Parents. I simply made this out of boredom and for entertainment purposes.
Please, enjoy.*

Emily was a young girl who lived in a house in the middle of the woods. She would go outside and play with her imagery friend, Jack. She would explore the woods with him, he would tell her to kill the bugs, throw rocks at the birds. Influencing her to kill everything without caring or feeling guilt. Her parents hated it, as did her older brother. He always told a story about her friend, Jack.

After she stopped going outside, she began to ignore her friend, Jack. But He still came. Her family moves to North Carolina to get away from what Emily was encountering.

"Who's there?" She calls, hoping nothing replies back.

"You're back, Emily. I've missed you." A voice rose from the darkness, with footsteps inching closer.

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Foxygirl01 Foxygirl01 Nov 21, 2015
Well this is the part where you move too another country dye your hair and wear contacts
PandamoniumAnna PandamoniumAnna Sep 08, 2015
Plez don't take this as rude, but the correct grammar is saw, not seen. I'd use seen like: I had seen turtle go swimming yesterday.
                              (: don't hate me plez
girlywonder girlywonder Aug 17, 2015
The kidney eating, blue masked killer is indeed not imaginary. Maybe you shod rethink the situation and NOT take your daughter to a therapist
TheAnimalWithinUsAll TheAnimalWithinUsAll Jul 04, 2014
It wasn't meant to be a pun....just a very fortunate coincidence.