His Purple Heart

His Purple Heart

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Debra doesn't need anyone to tell her that going from one relationship straight into another is never a good idea. Despite knowing this, she finds herself staring at a certain Marine with the body of a demigod and all covered in tattoos. 

Retired Marine, Trystan Debney, has seen and experienced his fair share of the bad and ugly. His physical and emotional scars are a testament to that. Even with the great support from his family and an inspiring new career, he feels unfulfilled. That is until he meets Debra Ames. 

She is everything he ever wanted in a woman, except for the fact that she wants nothing to do with him or relationships in general. She wants to learn how to be single and he wants a wife. She refuses to give him more than her body, not knowing that is all he needs to get to her heart.

And once he has her heart, there's nothing he wouldn't do to keep her safe and far away from his enemies.

[COMPLETED] [Mature]

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