Out Of The Shadows  (Lesbian stories ) Editing*

Out Of The Shadows (Lesbian stories ) Editing*

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-Living with guilt and a broken heart, Lacey joins the military to drown out the memories of her past. But the time had come for her to return to the civilian world and face her fears. Little did she know the same demons she had been running from would be the same ones she'd be confronting on her return.-.

After being discharged from the military, she tries to get accustomed to civilian life with the help of her sister.

At a party, she meets her sister's best friend Amelia, who captures her attention from the moment she laid eyes on the beauty. 

Complications arise and she must fight to protect the woman she is quickly falling in love with. But is she strong enough to succeed through all the obstacles in her way? Can she protect her family and the new woman in her life from danger?

Cover by @CrisCee21

 I am in the process of editing this story,  I know there are tons of errors.  

**This is a GXG story**
**Trigger Warning for sexual assault**

So was she marine or army cuz I am army and I can relate to her
febznaplaza febznaplaza Jul 08
hey..your welcome...your story got my attention..and the genre too! that's why im starting to read your story!! :)
KellyAmy96 KellyAmy96 Aug 26
Knowing how to fight is important. I'm glad Lacey came in time.
I thought army had the right to shoot someone..... ( I know I know jk she is off field)
Good story and nice progression. Being former military it is very plausible and the extra attention paid to assessing the environment is very true. Look forward to more stories.
gemini1522 gemini1522 Oct 24
This would not be an easy feat... Knowing that higher ups are against them... Amelia was almost raped.. so glad Lacey was up to her marks...