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Dirty Secrets

Dirty Secrets

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TamaraLush By TamaraLush Completed

Leo returns home as a veteran with serious baggage, but the woman he left behind, Jessica, is battling demons of her own. Together, maybe they can beat them.
Leo Villeneuve returns to Palmira Island as a war veteran with serious baggage. He's can't be sure, but he thinks he burned down a recruiting station in New Orleans in a PTSD fugue state. But soon he runs into Jessica, the woman who got away, and he finds hope. Jessica, in the time since she was with Leo, lost her mother and is desperate to keep her family's bed and breakfast afloat.  When she sees him back on the island, she falls apart. After being separated by life, and changed by their time alone, can Jessica and Leo find each other once again? Or have their own hardships left them bereft of the spark that brought them together?

[[word count: 60,000-70,000 words]]