A Railgun In Fairy Tail: The Diablo Saga, Book 6,  Infamy

A Railgun In Fairy Tail: The Diablo Saga, Book 6, Infamy

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Misaka Mikoto By MisakaLovesYou Completed

Gol D. Roger, the King of the Pirates, obtained a piece of everything the world had to offer. Before his death, his dying words would drive countless people to the seas.

"You want my treasure? You can have it!! Go!! I left everything the World has to offer. "

Now.. Monkey D. Luffy, a boy who ate the Gum Gum Fruit and became a rubber man, sets out to find that treasure... or.. it would be that way.. if he weren't scheduled for execution..

Instead, Mikoto Misaka, her friends in Fairy Tail and the rest of the Straw Hats whom have now joined that guild, will set out to rescue Luffy.. or die trying.. 

What could go wrong!?

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_beryat_ _beryat_ Jul 11, 2016
Uuuuuh I'm stupid and all.... But since when Ikkari wants to protect Mikoto??
MangaAnimeNovelOtaku MangaAnimeNovelOtaku Jul 10, 2016
Whyyyyy DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BELIEVE PROPHECIES DARN IT. YOU CONTROL YOUR DESTINY, YOUR FATE. SO STUFF LIKE THIS MAKES ME ALL RILED UP, GAAAH! And Zoro vs Accelerator....I hate to say it but I'm having a difficult time thinking how Zoro could win.....
DJ-Yukio DJ-Yukio Jul 09, 2016
I think Mikoto deserves a rest from dying.  But that's my own opinion...
crashman360 crashman360 Jul 10, 2016
Actually if fairytail where to exist in our world I'm pretty sure it would be a fitness club considering how buff most of the characters are.
_beryat_ _beryat_ Jul 09, 2016
So the One Piece tresure is involved in Mikoto's bane.... You are making it more and more complicated.... I love it *-*
MangaAnimeNovelOtaku MangaAnimeNovelOtaku Jul 09, 2016
Oh please! They had a God Fusion! The fudge?! And still not believing it! No one can ever fully understand a prophecy, like promises which are meant to be broken, even the future can be changed!!! xD