The City (Merome AU)

The City (Merome AU)

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M'ayris By Mickey-Kenzie Completed

Mitch, more commonly known as Benja, has been wandering the wastelands all of his life. He prefers to work alone, away from all the people who could hold him back. People who could easily stab him in the back when he isn't looking. 

But, he has heard stories of a great city that stands in the center of the vast, cruel wasteland. The city is the beacon of hope within a sea of nothing. He has yet to find it. 

Jerome has never been outside of the city. For how large it is, he's been to all four corners and everywhere else between. He's memorized every street, it's name, where is located, and what buildings it has there. 

He's heard stories of great adventurers who went out into the wasteland to see if they could find something other than this. To find everyone a better life. Personally, Jerome wishes he could be one of these people.

So what might happen if fate brings these two together? 


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