Hybrid Highschool by puggurl108
Hybrid Highschoolby Lauren_01313
Humans and Hybrids have been at war for years. Both sides tell a ver different story, each seeing the other as a monstrosity. Now, with hybrids being put into Spawn City...
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Upside down, oh god! (The pack MC fanfic) by CrystalPho3n1x
Upside down, oh god! (The pack CrystalPho3n1x
They were such good friends, just hangin around, being a jag and playing tag. Most of the time they would just play video games all day. Bajan or Mitch would normally pl...
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Memories (The Pack)  by DarkDisco7
Memories (The Pack) by DarkDisco7
*Story prompt not mine... I just adjusted it a little* What was his name again? Nick? No... Vikk. His name was Vikk. Vikk finds himself in a forest at night...
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Unexpected by rawrness2
Unexpectedby ....
This is Vikklan highschool AU thingy. It has other ships too. There will be lots of cussing, so sorry about that... Also the cover I think is by Igostudios on Tumblr. Pl...
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Experiment: Merome (Boyxboy) by Merome_shipper
Experiment: Merome (Boyxboy)by Jay
Jerome, the beta of his tribe is forced away from his native home and is turned into a weapon beyond his knowledge. Mitch, a regular crafter stumbles upon him one fatefu...
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  • bajancanadian
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Six Stone Souls (The Pack) by DarkDisco7
Six Stone Souls (The Pack)by DarkDisco7
The world of Acrion (Ack-ree-on) has fallen. Notch, the ruler of Minecraft, has been defeated by the one and only Herobrine. All seems lost in the world as Herobrine thr...
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The Pack Of Heros by Wolfsaga12gamer
The Pack Of Herosby Wolf
Six ordinary people from different towns go out on a adventure to find out who they are only to not only find out they are hero's of a prophecy, but a great friendship a...
  • merome
  • prophecy
  • vikklan
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SidePack - Oneshots by itsWhateverMerome
SidePack - Oneshotsby itsWhateverMerome
Pack and Sidemen boyxboy oneshots. We don't do reader or y/n but are open to legit everything else! (requests/suggestions OPEN) please By Kelcey and Mayrael Full of Me...
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Forever Together(The Pack Fanfic) by Lynn_Nat123
Forever Together(The Pack Fanfic)by Worst Nightmare
Six different teenage boys. Six different powers. What happens when they work together? Six of them have to defeat the most powerful, most wanted and most evil in the wo...
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  • thebanjancanadian
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Mountains [Vikklan] by Speedybox
Mountains [Vikklan]by Rhi
This is a sequel to Building Bridges, which I highly recommend you read first (Link here: Vikk wakes up alone in a new world. All...
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{Editing}  Taken ( A Pack and Friends AU ) by LueLue15
{Editing} Taken ( A Pack and Lue
What happens when the person you love disappears? How would you react? What will you do? What happens if your friends disappear as well? Vikk lives in England and sudden...
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  • taken
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A Siren's Call by Dah_Cassanuva_ID
A Siren's Callby The Diamond Nova
Tyler Ellis, an ordinary boy in an ordinary kingdom with an extraordinary role, well, maybe not extraordinary to him but to others, it is. Being the royal assistant and...
  • simdil
  • hybrids
  • ssunkipz
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Skylox: A Siren's Song [#Wattys2017] by Dah_Cassanuva_ID
Skylox: A Siren's Song [ The Diamond Nova
Skylox I've been captured for a good reason I don't want them to suffer I didn't want him to suffer. I never wanted this... Isolated in this cold, dark prison I call an...
  • bajancanadian
  • skydoesminecraft
  • mermaid
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The Object Said.... by firemoonlight16
The Object ⭐Jaimee ⭐
Each child is given an object. The object will tell the child to love or killed. If not read correctly the child might accidentally kill their future mate. The object wi...
  • vikklan
  • h2m
  • boyxboy
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The pack one shots by AnxietyPrince
The pack one shotsby Prince
Pack one shots...? Vikklan Poofless Merome Fluff? Smut? YEP
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Elemental World by CrazilyInsaneArtist
Elemental Worldby Mia
There are 7 kingdoms in the world of Dinormia. The Kingdom of Earth The Kingdom of Fire The Kingdom of Ice The Kingdom of Air The Kingdom of Electricity The Kingdom of...
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  • mrwoofless
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The 6 Lost Hero ( A Pack Minecraft FF) #1 by A_Star1234
The 6 Lost Hero ( A Pack Pansexual
6 people. All who have tragic passes. What will happen to them when they are captured and forced to work together? Will these people be able to overcome their worst fea...
  • jerome
  • merome
  • lachlan
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Meromes book of smut by baby_girl_k_
Meromes book of smutby QueenKaliRose
Just a bunch of semi short merome smuts
  • sexual
  • lemon
  • wattys2016
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Endless-A The Pack Fanfic by PisirikPisi
Endless-A The Pack Fanficby Nope ^.^
Once upon a time, there was a world with five kingdoms. Those kingdoms were controlled by ten figures, and each one of them had their own powers. The world, or as they n...
  • endless
  • wattys2016
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{Editting} I See You ( A Vikklan AU Fanfic) by LueLue15
{Editting} I See You ( A Vikklan Lue
Vikk, a selective Mute, the nobody of the school. Lachlan the most know kid in school, and he has a great group of friends called the pack. Vikk doesn't have any friends...
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