Forever Together(The Pack Fanfic) by Lynn_Nat123
Forever Together(The Pack Fanfic)by Worst Nightmare
Six different teenage boys. Six different powers. What happens when they work together? Six of them have to defeat the most powerful,most wanted and most evil in the wor...
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Skylox: A Siren's Song [#Wattys2017] by Dah_Cassanuva_ID
Skylox: A Siren's Song [ you basic bitch
Skylox I've been captured for a good reason I don't want them to suffer I didn't want him to suffer. I never wanted this... Isolated in this cold, dark prison I call an...
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The Pack One Shots by WaterPrincess97
The Pack One Shotsby The Water Princess
So this is my first set of one shots. I don't know how often I'll be posting or if they will be any good. So please bear with me while I learn the ropes.
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~the Pack/sidemen One Shots~ by vikklantrash_
~the Pack/sidemen One Shots~by Vikklan forlife
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Six Stone Souls (The Pack) by DarkDisco7
Six Stone Souls (The Pack)by DarkDisco7
The world of Acrion (Ack-ree-on) has fallen. Notch, the ruler of Minecraft, has been defeated by the one and only Herobrine. All seems lost in the world as Herobrine thr...
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{Editting} I See You ( A Vikklan AU Fanfic) by LueLue15
{Editting} I See You ( A Vikklan Lue
Vikk, a selective Mute, the nobody of the school. Lachlan the most know kid in school, and he has a great group of friends called the pack. Vikk doesn't have any friends...
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Unexpected by rawrness2
Unexpectedby ....
This is Vikklan highschool AU thingy. It has other ships too. There will be lots of cussing, so sorry about that... Also the cover I think is by Igostudios on Tumblr. Pl...
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The Packs Elements by _Raye1014_
The Packs Elementsby rrayelynn
Each boy given an Element to one day all meet and end a dark evil living beneath them. But happens when different drama is coming up about family and broken relations...
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Because You Need Someone: Book 1 in the Need Trilogy: The Pack: Merome by missmatched123
Because You Need Someone: Book 1 Emma
When Mitch suddenly disappears from social media and stops posting videos making Jerome fly over to Canada to help him through his depression. Mitch does improve, but th...
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Descendants (Slow Updates) by Gamingerve31
Descendants (Slow Updates)by Depression Fuel
Minecraft version of the Disney movie Descendants. Trapped on the Island of the Forgotten, home to the most dangerous of mobs and bosses, tge children of Herobrine, t...
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Hybrid Factors (A Team Crafted FF) by natureprincess48
Hybrid Factors (A Team Crafted FF)by Prince Nature
I really like Team Crafted, so Imma write a fanfic about them! Hope you enjoy!
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The Object Said.... by firemoonlight16
The Object ⭐Jaimee ⭐
Each child is given an object. The object will tell the child to love or killed. If not read correctly the child might accidentally kill their future mate. The object wi...
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Elemental World by CrazilyInsaneArtist
Elemental Worldby Mia
There are 7 kingdoms in the world of Dinormia. The Kingdom of Earth The Kingdom of Fire The Kingdom of Ice The Kingdom of Air The Kingdom of Electricity The Kingdom of...
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My Prince in Butter Armor~ (Skylox) by StormyNights95352
My Prince in Butter Armor~ (Skylox)by ~~~Storm~~~
In a kingdom lost in time, there was three army's. Sky Army, Star Army, and Dead Army. These kingdoms are at war however. But what will happen when the Sky Army prince a...
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SidePack - Oneshots by itsWhateverMerome
SidePack - Oneshotsby itsWhateverMerome
Pack and Sidemen boyxboy oneshots. We don't do reader or y/n but are open to legit everything else! (requests/suggestions OPEN) please By Kelcey and Mayrael Full of Me...
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Shots (A Vikklan AU) by Ava_Owl
Shots (A Vikklan AU)by Ava ⭐️
Darker than light Lighter than dark Only the brightest of stars shine through the night Only the brightest of stars leave a mark But all stars fall from their thoughts W...
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Love Me Again {Skylox} by GamingAngel
Love Me Again {Skylox}by Angel(⛄️)
"We can't fix the past. I don't want to, 'Cause I want you to love me again. " Ty Ellis is sick of having to end off engagements, including of his former fianc...
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Model Me (Skylox) by skylox68
Model Me (Skylox)by Sesshomaru
Ty is a average teenager. Nobody too special. Sky is a Playboy model. But what will happen if they cross paths? Read and find out... (Bad with summaries Cover by:LovesR...
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The pack one shots by AnxietyPrince
The pack one shotsby Prince
Pack one shots...? Vikklan Poofless Merome Fluff? Smut? YEP
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The Prince And The Princess? (Merome ff) by YaoiLoverForLife
The Prince And The Princess? ( *inactive* ;(
Jerome is the Prince of his bacca village. Mitch... He's the Princess of his kingdom. His mom wanted a daughter, so she makes him dress as a girl and everything. Since e...
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