Six Stone Souls (The Pack)

Six Stone Souls (The Pack)

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The world of Acrion (Ack-ree-on) has fallen. Notch, the ruler of Minecraft, has been defeated by the one and only Herobrine. All seems lost in the world as Herobrine threatens to wipe out entire cities that dare to defy him. And he's not kidding. For the people of Acrion there is no hope. That is until, the six legendary heroes are revived. Brought back from stone to save the world from Herobrine's wrath. Just as they had done over one thousand years ago, and just as the prophecy has foretold. Vikk, Lachlan, Preston, Rob, Mitch, and Jerome must reunite and save the world once again from the grasp of evil. But stakes are high, and it seems they can trust no one but each other. They have powers, ones that can let them gain some ground against Herobrine. But will it be enough, or will the world fall into the hands of Herobrine?


     Note: This is a Vikklan, Poofless, and Merome fanfic but it won't be in any direct way... I'll leave that to your imagination ;)

     Disclaimer: I do not own Vikk, Lachlan, Mitch, Jerome, Preston, Rob, any pictures, or the game Minecraft/any characters from it (Eg. Herobrine and Notch).

     Unedited my apologies for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

     Thank you to @DanieTheGlitch for the amazing cover in celebration of 60K!

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EmoFantasyWolfGirl EmoFantasyWolfGirl May 12, 2018
When I read that, all I did was AWWWWWWWWWW THANK YOU! You're soooooo sweeeet
Lynn_Nat123 Lynn_Nat123 Mar 29, 2018
I wanted to vote for this story but I voted too many times last night.
furndes960 furndes960 Mar 01, 2018
Hi author this book was amazing I'm on my bus right now but I still read it and it was amazing
BryannaBryne890 BryannaBryne890 Apr 02, 2018
What if i DO wanna see the consequences? 
                              In terms....
                              COME AT ME BRO
memesthetic_ memesthetic_ Dec 10, 2017
My first time reading this book! I can tell that it's well written by the Author! Great Job ❤
BryannaBryne890 BryannaBryne890 Mar 03, 2018
WAIT... Preston, as in... PRESTONPLAYZ?! OMG, call 911, I had a heart attck.
                              Sorry, i overracted. Prestonplayz is my favorite YouTuber EVER!